Next on PPV: Mair Vs. Neil

Matt SchaeferCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

The Ottawa Senators beat the Buffalo Sabres by a 5-2 score last night at HSBC Arena.  One member of the Sabres was looking to beat the Senators (or at least one of them) in a different way though.


It is being reported by multiple sources, that the NHL is looking into an incident that took place following the Sabres loss to the Senators.  Gritty Sabres forward Adam Mair was caught walking down to exchange words with Senators tough guy, Chris Neil after the game.  He just forgot to take his pads off first.


Mair went into the Senators dressing room hallway and banged on the door in full gear to try to bring out Neil.  It is expected that Mair wanted to fight Neil but he wasn’t in the Senators locker room at the time.  Ottawa’s Jarkko Ruutu eventually got up to see what all the knocking was about and him and Mair exchanged words before Mair grapped him and the two continued to spit words back and forth.  One of the Senators P.R. guys broke up the little altercation. 


This might have gone unnoticed except for these little things called cameras.  These cameras just so happened to belong to the NHL Network.  It is being speculated that Mair will get around 2 games in suspension time, but it isn’t expected that he gets more than that seeing as no fight really took place.


The NHL should have gotten Neil and Mair to square off the hallway though.  What better than a little fight between players to get the NHL back in the national spotlight?  It wouldn’t hurt because really any kind of pub is good for the NHL.  It is really the only way it can get on ESPN and national news for more than a few seconds anyways. 


The Sabres and Sens next meet up to play on January 6th so for the meantime, let the trash talking and profanity filled text messages begin.