Lions Fans: Time To Look To April

Austin DrakeSenior Analyst IOctober 28, 2008

Ahhh, another season of football in Detroit, another season of pain, misery and a few chuckles.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you have found out that the Detroit Lions are really not that good, to say the least. From a bad start to the firing of a horrible GM to a backup Quarterback not knowing how big the endzone is to this....0-7 and counting.

But, unlike most teams right now, the Lions are looking forward to the 2009 NFL Draft (April 25-26) and I am too.

Every year this happens to all the Hawaiian Blue and Silver fans. A few games in you know the season is done, so what do you do? Look ahead to the draft, which is over a half year away.

The NFL Draft is a Lions' fan's Super Bowl, and every year the home town team seems to lose. From taking only God knows how many receivers in a row (by the way, neither Mike Williams, Charles Rogers or Roy Williams remain with the team, only Calvin Johnson) to selecting a seemingly "unknown" offensive lineman last season.

But this was suppose to be the year! I didn't see it, don't know why anybody did.

Jon Kitna went down early on and I was a bit intrigued to see some change and what do I get? Backup quarterback, Dan Orlovsky, running out of the endzone, like the big, bold, white line didn't even exist.

Now, half way through the season, my mind seems to keep drifting to the thoughts of two first round picks and how excited I am. Then my mind slips into reality and I wonder how they will screw it up this season.

The Lions picks go as follows: 1st Round (2), 2nd Round, 3rd Round (2), 4th Round, 5th Round and a 7th Round. On paper looks like a good draft year for the Lions with five picks in the first three rounds. Oh, by the way, if Dallas keeps losing, then their picks that were traded to the Lions keep getting better and better!

Here is my dream Draft day situation:
First round picks #1 and #12-16 (somewhere in there): 
1st Round: Quarterback (Sam Bradford)
1st Round: Middle Linebacker (Ray Maualuga)
2nd Round: Offensive Guard TRADE DOWN FOR A WR? (Herman Johnson)
3rd Round: Safety (Emmanuel Cook)
3rd Round: Defensive End (Brandon Graham)
4th Round: Tight End (Ryan Purvis)
5th Round: Cornerback (DeAngelo Smith)
7th Round: Kicker (Colt David)

What do you think? If the Lions get pick #1 who should they take? Give me your feedback.