BlogPoll Week 9: Breakfast Bowl Edition

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BlogPoll Week 9: Breakfast Bowl Edition
1 Texas --
2 Alabama 1
3 Penn State 1
4 Florida 1
5 Texas Tech 3
6 Oklahoma State --
7 Oklahoma --
8 Southern Cal 4
9 Georgia --
10 TCU 2
11 Missouri 2
12 Utah 2
13 Florida State 11
14 Boise State 4
15 North Carolina 11
16 Ohio State 6
17 LSU 6
18 Michigan State 2
19 Virginia 7
20 Minnesota 1
21 Brigham Young 2
22 Tulsa 3
23 Georgia Tech 8
24 Iowa 2
25 Ball State 1

Dropped Out: Pittsburgh (#16), Boston College (#17), South Florida (#19), Kansas (#22).

Now what? Ohio State has scored __ offensive touchdowns and you could make an argument that they are the worst 8-2 in the country and not deserving of a top __ ranking. I am probably overreacting, but last time I checked, this offense had four O-linemen returning to block for the Heisman favorite, and the nation’s #1 recruit behind center. Do you know what that nets? Exactly 281 yards against a defense that was gashed by a bad Michigan team. Spare me the look ahead garbage, too. After 9 straight losses, they wanted to beat so badly they could taste it. And the Buckeyes managed ONE trips inside the redzone and 6 points. Ick.

The OSU offense is horrible. Where are the wide receivers? Where is the dominant running game? Does anyone really believe this is the best two-loss team in America? Better than Missouri or LSU. No way. Hello, Breakfast Bowl.

With a bullet: Texas is the #1 team…easily. If you think anyone else deserves to be top-ranked you need to get your head examined. They have defeated the #1, #1, and #6 teams in the country, in-a-row. If you thought Ohio State’s two victories against #2 teams was impressive in 2006 was a full house, with a victory against Texas Tech this weekend, the Longhorns will have four-of-a-kind.

If I had any balls, I would vote the Gators #2. I recently wrote that I thought the BCSCG would e USC v. Florida, but I am starting to doubt half of that prognostication. Would I bet on Florida in any single game right now? Yep.
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