Morning After- Colorado

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Morning After- Colorado
Boom HEADSHOT! That is about the only phrase that comes to mind after watching the destruction of Colorado last night. The 58-0 Tiger win is the first shutout of Colorado since 1988. So, how'd this massacre come out?

-Chase Daniel looked great the entire game, even when he became a 6'5 lanky kid wearing #12. Oh, that was Patton. 302 yards, and five scores for Daniel. It seemed like he had more yards, but maybe that was because Jeremy Maclin had 134 of the yards, and it seemed like Chase Coffman, Tommy Saunders, and Derrick Washington were all over the place too. Nice to see Patton come in late. He's probably my favorite Tiger to see in the 4th quarter.

-I always like looking at's "When it was over" in the boxscore. I'm not sure if Tim Griffin writes it (kind of sounds like his sense of humor from his blog on the WWL), but dammit, it's always good. This week, apparently it was over when the Tigers decided to take the field.
-Anyone else have the feeling that if it wasn't Colorado or Dan Hawkins that Gary Pinkel just wanted to beat the living hell out of whoever it was going to be after the past two weeks? It looked like HCGP didn't want to take the foot off the accelerator, but Hawk and Pinkel have a pretty good relationship. Too bad it wasn't Mangino on the other sideline yesterday. It could have gotten uglier.

-So....about Maclin staying in CoMo. Yeah, not so much. Two catches taken to the house with some huge plays, and 134 total receiving yards. When the guy is involved in the game, Mizzou wins every time. He's the key.

-Anyone else excited with De'Vion Moore at running back? Just as the announcers were talking about Mizzou running the clock out, Moore decided to throw another six on the board. The dude has speed to burn. Derrick Washington and De'Vion Moore will be the top running back duo in the B12 North next year, and those two have enough talent to run with Oklahoma and Texas' backs. My pants are starting to fill up just at the thought.
-Thrust Nunchuck Upwards (RMN). Another hurdle by Coffman...just sick.

-Major props to the defense. No missed tackles and some great coverage in a shutout.

-Here's where we throw out the Shakespeare's Playa of the Week. You'd think with 300+ yards and a gripload of touchdowns that it'd be Chase Daniel. Or how about Maclin and his pair of TD's? Or Coffman? Nope, we're rolling out the red carpet to both Jacquies Smith and Stryker Sulak. Both were EVERYWHERE and it seemed like Joel Meyers couldn't shut up about Sulak. Hopefully Smith will pop into a barber and get a new haircut while he's going to Shakespeare's. I'm hoping for a high-top fade, a la Will Smith circa '91.

So, Baylor next week. No TV, and bears giving high-fives for Scooby Snacks. Looks like a Kelly/Kadlec screamer on Saturday.

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