In the 2009 NFL Draft, the New York Jets Select: Bill Cowher, Head Coach

Mike SullivanContributor IOctober 28, 2008

New York Jets' GM Mike Tannenbaum is on the clock already, and it hasn't even reached the halfway mark in the 2008 season.

These Jets don't need a player to be a a leader, they need a true field general. And what better person than the rabid dog Bill Cowher?

This current team is built around veterans and free agent signings, and they need a real leader. Eric Mangini is not getting it done. Woody Johnson has spent good money and should get a return on his investments.

The New England Patriots' system is not going to work with this group.

The Patriots were built around players that became known commodities from the success of the system. This is different.

Bringing in players that are already known is a different coaching mentality, and Mangini cannot stand arms crossed holding his headset.

The coaching style of Cowher is better suited for this team.

We need the headset to travel further than the penalty flags on a windy day. The Jets' fans need to see a man up in the face of his players challenging them to make a difference in the outcome of the day's game.

Coach Cowher does not tilt his head and ask for answers on why a play failed. Instead he runs up in a player's face and tells him why the play failed.

Those sidelines should be more worn out after the games we have seen this year.

So Mike, if you're out there, do not look to find the missing link in a college bowl game or on ESPN's College Game Day clips.

Look no further than the pre-game studio booth.