Our Cubs Have Twins Out There Somewhere

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Our Cubs Have Twins Out There Somewhere
Baseball Reference posted updated similar players. I noticed this from a post over at South Side Sox and our buddy, the Cheat. I'm going to steal his idea and apply it to our team instead. Basically, Baseball Reference looks at various factors to come up with similar players by age and by position. I wanted to take a look and see who our roster was similar to and then comment on that. Click on the player name to view the top ten players similar and compare their stats.

Carlos Zambrano - The most similar player to Zambrano through the age of 27 is Ramon Martinez, with Sandy Kofax on the list at # 4. Unfortunately, Martinez seemed to begin his decline after the age of 27. That has me nervous. I mentioned earlier in the year that I felt we should move Zambrano while we still had a chance and I'm sticking to that. Zambrano's future scares the crap out of me.

Derrek Lee - You know he's my whipping boy. You know I love to hate him. Looking at his top 10 we see one potential hall of famer on the list, Rafael Palmeiro. Other than him, you've got some guys that are serviceable players in Will Clark and Fred McGriff, but none stick out. Kent Hrbek is at the top of the list and I think he really typifies the player Derrek Lee is. He is Kent Hrbek. Are you OK with that?

Alfonso Soriano- Some interesting names for this one. Tim Salmon, Jermaine Dye, Scott Rolen and Torii Hunter all make the list, but are any of those guys worth the money we gave to Soriano? I don't think they are. There is not a question in my mind that we overpaid for Soriano, but would everyone want him out of town so much if his price tag was more in line with guys that are similar to him through the age of 32?

Ryan Theriot - Theriot is on his way to a hall of fame career, or at least that's the case if he follows the line of Phil Rizzuto through the age of 28. Closer to the top of the list is Tony Womack, but Theriot doesn't have the base stealing prowess that Womack had.

Jason Marquis - This one is interesting to me. Tops on the list is Gil Meche, who is very serviceable and actually pitched pretty well for the lowly Royals this year. Looking at the names on the list, there are some decent names on there. The fact of the matter is that Marquis is probably better than we give him credit for.

Those were some of the interesting ones I came across when I took a look at the team from last year. What are your thoughts after viewing the stats?

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