An Honest-to-God Tribe Trade Rumor

Clark FoslerCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

No one will argue that opening day is the best baseball day of the year, but for me—and other Tribe fans who have played the "wait-'til-next-year" game all their lives—the start of the offseason trading season brings about almost as much anticipation.

That season got underway officially—and just a touch early today—with the Plain Dealer reporting talks between the Tribe and Royals involving 3B Mark Teahen.

According to the report by Paul Hoynes, the Royals need a CF. Ben Francisco, Franklin Gutierrez, and Trever Crowe were mentioned as possibilities.

With a glut of outfielders at the major and minor-league level, and Andy Marte as the only guy with a 3B officially next to his name on the Tribe's current roster, the gut reaction is to say this makes plenty of sense from the Tribe's point of view.

But let's look at a few things before we jump to any conclusions.