Badgers Deliver on Homecoming

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Badgers Deliver on Homecoming
They looked like they were contenders for the National Championship at the beginning of the season, now they're just hoping to squeeze out enough victories to make it to a bowl game. They got a little bit closer today, with a 27-17 victory over Illinois.

It wasn't pretty, but the Badgers were able to deliver in front of the homecoming crowd. It was the Dustin Scherer and David Gilreath combo that delivered two touchdowns, while Scherer took one in on a 15 yard scamper.

You know, the Badgers will always be a big deal in this state, and it will be a long time before you don't see Camp Randall full of diehard fans. And win or lose, fans in Badger gear will still be filling up the Church Key on Saturday nights. But even so, it seems like everyone has kind of just accepted this season as a bust, and we're hoping for whatever ESPN bowl week game we can get.

So let's continue to wake up late on Saturdays and check the score in between our leave raking, and look forward to the night in December while the Badger game plays in the background at whatever bar we're at.

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