The 40 Nastiest Divorces in Sports History

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The 40 Nastiest Divorces in Sports History

The road to sports glory is littered with relationship road kill, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Much like the train wreck, the car crash or the comedic stylings of Dane Cook, there are some divorces that are so graphic and awful that it’s impossible to look away.

The truth is nasty public breakups make us feel better about our lives while giving us the opportunity to pass judgment on people who almost certainly think they’re better than us. Basking in the salacious details of someone else’s embarrassing failure is the new American Dream.

Ultimately, witnessing these divorces is a cathartic experience for the general public because often in life there's nothing better than watching someone get exactly what they deserve.

Oh, and every sports fan knows that when you engage in battle—someone must emerge victorious. Well, every sports fan who isn't MLB commissioner Bud Selig.

Let’s take a lighthearted romp through sports' messiest divorces and determine who came out on top.

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