WWE's CM Punk: Is His Departure Positive for the WWE?

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIJune 22, 2011

By now we all have heard the sad announcement by CM Punk in which he declared to the masses that once July 17 ends, he’ll no longer will be employed for the WWE.

The effect of that announcement has sent ripples throughout the IWC with many rightfully upset over the news.

Whether it’s a good or bad process of events is something only time will tell but we all already have formed our opinions on it. I’m here with fellow writer and good friend, Rize, who’ll will conduct a debate with me.

He’ll be taking the side of why it’s bad that CM Punk is leaving while I will be taking why it’s a good thing the straight edge superstar is leaving.

Rize how about you start us off with your starting points.


Let me be the first to say, as I observe the current state of the WWE, there’s absolutely nothing good that can come from CM Punk exiting the WWE. For one, my certain level of markism and preference for CM Punk is to a point where the WWE is empty without him.

He’s the all around best Superstar in the WWE today. There’s not one aspect of being a WWE Superstar that CM Punk isn’t great at.

When a Superstar who possesses the ability and talent Punk possesses, it’s a huge blow the WWE as a whole. The mere fact that the WWE has lost over half a dozen main eventers in two years is a proper notion to my claims.

What good can come from this tragic loss Jacob?

Oh? A great loss? Let’s see. The WWE been around since the '80s over those many MANY years they lost a lot of talented wrestlers. When Bret Hart left for WCW the WWE did not collapse nor did it when Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Randy Savage and the list goes on and on.

The WWE is like a organismic being that adapts and evolves over time. Great stars come and go and besides CM Punk leaving will allow Danial Bryan, Seth Rollins and maybe even Zack Ryder the opportunity to be showcased more.

Besides CM Punk is a wrestler NOT a WWE Superstar! His talents are better in an environment like Ring of Honor where he can fully be the wrestler he can be utilizing his move-set and promo skills without restrictions.

Of course you do not want that Rize as you want Punk to continue leading a dying stable!


While I must commend you for referencing those Legends, if only the message was as great as the attempt, I would’ve praised you for efforts. However, they were not, and I must meet your argument with the appropriate response.

Like I stated above, I understand your reasoning but the WWE/F lacks the presence it had when those Legends departed.

Yes, those men were huge stars in the '90s, the thing is, the WWF had Superstars to replace them. From Ultimate Warrior, to Shawn Michaels, and Stone Cold Steve Austin, the WWF had the ability and killer instinct to build on more than two WWE Superstars.

Ring of Honor? When it comes to the company, wrestling is the number one priority. The WWE is a corporate company.

They focus on all aspects on the business such as mic skills and charisma. Let’s face it; you must excel at multiple categories in the WWE. In ROH, wrestling matters.

For Punk to return to ROH, it would be as if a big fish were swimming in a small pond.


Awww how adorable! Little Rizey tried to dissolve my argument! Let me paint you a portrait of the future! We have Cody Rhodes whose portraying himself tragic figure who mentally disturb to where he thinks he’s no longer dashing.

With a marvelous gimmick such as that he can also wrestle with the best of them.

Then you have R-Truth waging an everlasting war against the little jimmy’s conspiracies while wrestling more then above average. Alberto Del Rio who thinks his destiny is a world title and the journey to the title has been splendid.

Point is we have many great wrestlers to watch regardless of whether CM Punk is in the WWE or not. No one can replace any wrestler but someone can take there spot. Besides the WWE is more about entertainment then wrestling and Punk wants to showcase his skills as a wrestler not as an entertainer which is why he should be in ROH then WWE.


Cody Rhodes, R-Truth, and Alberto Del Rio are your alternatives to the living legend known as CM Punk? Normally, I would refrain from justifying your claims with a response but the level of mediocrity in the talent you mentioned forces me to do so.

While I admire Cody Rhodes and his ability to adjust with his new gimmick, using the mannerism and accent of one Heath Ledger (The Joker) doesn’t mean he could occupy CM Punk’s spot.

R-Truth is a different case.He went from a mediocre, dancing, rapping Superstar to RAW’s top heel in a short period of time. While I’ll admit that Truth has improved tremendously, his in ring ability and mic skills aren’t on par with CM Punk’s. Another notable factor to consider is Ron Killing’s age.
He’s thirty nine years old.

It has been months since Alberto Del Rio made his debut and I have yet to realize the IWC’s obsession with him. It would be foolish of to state that Del Rio isn’t good on the mic or in the ring. But that’s my point, he’s good.

His heavy accent and recycled promos slice any entertainment value Alberto Del Rio may possess.To put it simply, Alberto Del Rio isn’t on Punk’s level.Therefore, he cannot occupy Punk’s place in his absence.


Obviously no one can replace anyone as we are all unique specimens which walk upon God’s green earth. You missed my point which was we do have alternatives as we have seen recently people adapting to the absence of Jericho and retirements of Batista and Edge.

What we do have is superstars on the roster that are just as entertaining as CM Punk even if they do not speak or act in the same breath as Punk. Cody Rhodes character is contently evolving which is rare in the WWE as others stayed the same stale gimmick for years.

R-Truth may be old but he’s being the better heel then Punk at the moment and gathering more heat.

Del Rio is who he is but entertaining never the less but it due to who his character is as it’s a part of his character to be a broken record. Let’s get back to the freaking point here Rize which is that Punk leaving is not a bad thing as it’s a good thing.

We will not hear quotes such as “Drink up, England… I WANT your liver to fail. Smoke up England, I WANT you to die.”or my personal favorite: “Doubt f***s everything. Take a foundation, no matter how strong, sprinkle generously with doubt and watch it crumble.

Me? I’m unf*ckwithable. Not this knee, not bad weather, and certainly not the many men that wish bad intentions on me can stop me. I rise up, not like a phoenix, but like the zombie corpse of Dick Murdoch.”

Says who? CM Punk frankly does not give a damn where he wrestles as long as he wrestle the best he can of his abilities which we have not seen fully in the WWE for a long LONG time!


I agree Jacob, let’s do so. I have yet to notice anyone change due to the departures of Chris Jericho and CM Punk. The WWE hasn’t changed for the better since their respective departures. It has only grown closer to the obscurity we trash Impact Wrestling for. You say there’s Superstars on Punk’s level when it comes to entertainment? Who?

I remember those quotes. All are infamous classics in my opinion as it shines a lone light against the “kid friendly” programming antics of the WWE. Of course the WWE has toned down its wrestling standards. If not, we’d be observing relatively different superstars such as Evan Bourne and Sin Cara.

Who says Punk is returning to Ring of Honor? I could’ve sworn Punk was refraining from any form of in ring competition due to burnout. Besides harmless tweets, what good can come from Punk’s departure?

You agree but yet your approach is in disagreement which is an obvious oxymoron you moron….the spineless always complaining members of the IWC such as yourself seem to compare the WWE to the days old of the Attitude Era and beyond.

The WWE leans more to the entertainment side of things not the wrestling and if so many idiots see that then maybe they enjoy the product as it is today and not how it was 10 to 20 years ago.

CM Punk is a wrestler not a Superstar. You got Cody Rhodes doing the, “I’m Ugly”, routine while handing paper bags for people to place upon there faces. You got Christian now as a heel in an ENTERTAINING feud with Orton that shows him getting cheated out of his title shots while the crowd cheering for Orton.

So there is the who aspect as that is the entertainment of the WWE version of CM Punk. He adopted well to PG but let’s face it he’s out of place in the WWE and it’s not because of the PG because he a wrestler.

The WWE and us as well will be better off with out Punk in the WWE and witnessing him in an independent promotion!

No one says he going to an independent promotion such as ROH nor has there been rock solid confirmation that he’s on a burnout break! I’m simply using logic as he’s not gonna sit on his bum and do nothing at all.


You’re absolutely right Jacob. CM Punk isn’t a Superstar, he’s megastar. He’s the perfect combination of charisma, mic skills, and in ring ability. Simply put, he’s the ideal WWE Superstar.

For you to mention Punk in the same sense as guys like Alberto Del Rio, R-Truth, and Cody Rhodes displays your ignorance of CM Punk and his character.

The Attitude Era like the big brother I never met. You hear great things about it but you’ve never actually seen it yourself. As a fan that began watching WWE when the Attitude Era ended (WrestleMania 17), I can’t agree with the opinions of others.

Being that I’m not one to live in the past, I disagree with your statement of me comparing it to the Attitude Era.

You say he doesn’t fit into the WWE and its PG Era. I must say, his 2009 feud with Jeff Hardy is easily the best feud of the PG Era. CM Punk is like prey forced to live in the wild. He adjusts to his environment to a point where he’s a superior being compared to his counterparts.

After almost five years of enduring the strenuous WWE schedule, it’s hard to say CM Punk won’t spend his time away relaxing. So you believe CM Punk’s departure will give other stars the opportunity in the spotlight?

There are two problems with your theory. Their names are John Cena and Randy Orton and they are the WWE’s World Champions. Collectively known as the Breakfast Club, these two (including Triple H) will prevent almost anyone from ascending to the top.


Again your being the little sissy ICW fangirl that you gracefully are simply can’t see the wisdom of my words. You’re just a patient bratty little girl who cries, cries, cries and cries!

You may not know the Attitude Era like fans of my kind but you still yearn it. That why many love Punk as he embodies the attitude of the 90’s in a straight edge way.

Frankly we can adapt with CM Punk absence from WWE programing as we did with past stars while we should ready our selves in case he joins an independent promotion and wittiness Punk true greatness as the IWC are stupid selfish marks who do NOT realize the WWE was hindering Punk’s abilities.

The Breakfest club? Really? Really?

Rize you blubbering fool as your suggesting conspiracies. What’s next,  you’re gonna say all the little Jimmies are stealing your reads to your articles?

Seriously through Randy Orton and John Cena are the top guys but they have to be since….Oh I don’t know almost all the original main-eventers from the last 3 years are gone! We have a new wave of talent taking main eventing spots which is exciting to see and Orton and Cena are used to test fresh members.

I informed you of loads upon loads of good reasons but your ignoring it all due to blind markism of your hero! Tonight, just like I did on the Bleacher Report, I dominated you Rize. Your time here will be never more, you can quote that you spineless parasite!

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