NBA Trade Rumors: Love for Gasol Trade Makes Little Sense for Timberwolves

Daniel MorrillCorrespondent IJune 21, 2011

Kevin Love averaged 20.2 PPG and led the NBA with 15.2 RPG in 2010-2011.
Kevin Love averaged 20.2 PPG and led the NBA with 15.2 RPG in 2010-2011.Rob Carr/Getty Images

Rumors have been circulating recently about the possibility of the Timberwolves trading Kevin Love and the second overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft to the Lakers for Pau Gasol.


Sure, Gasol and new point guard Ricky Rubio played together for Spain’s national team, but who cares?

Why would Minnesota trade a budding star and a high draft pick for a 30-year old downgrade at power forward in order to make Rubio’s transition to the NBA easier?

The Timberwolves are still several pieces and several years of maturation away from becoming a serious contender, so it baffles me why they would trade young talent for a veteran who will only be useful for a few years once Minnesota begins to contend.

Love is the best rebounder in the league, and has made drastic strides on defense after just three years in the league.  Gasol is more polished offensively, even though Love averaged more points in 2010-2011, but Love still has upside on the offensive end.  The biggest difference between the two is age, and the fact that Love is better than Gasol was at his age.  Gasol is 30.  Love is 22.

Minnesota has gone Rubio crazy, and looks like it might do whatever it takes to make him feel comfortable.

But instead of building around the unproven Rubio, they should be building around their bigs, Love and Michael Beasley, similar to how the Grizzlies have built around Zach Randolph and Pau’s brother Marc Gasol.

Trading the second overall pick for Gasol is just overkill.  While the Timberwolves frontcourt is too crowded for Derrick Williams, but they could always trade the pick to address other needs or trade down and draft someone else.

If the Timberwolves go through with this trade, they’ve fallen in love with the Rubio-Gasol connection and are not thinking about what is good for the squad in the long run.

If Rubio is as gifted as Minnesota is making him out to be, he should be able to adjust to playing with one of the best young post players in the league.