WWE: Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place? A Plea for Change

Charlie GSenior Writer IJune 21, 2011

June has not been a great month for WWE.

From three-hour special editions of RAW to the mediocre pay-per-views to the creative team's lack of creativity, it just hasn't been good.

This is solely my opinion, but I think the WWE is stuck between a rock and a hard place. I find that the WWE is getting desperate for ratings. 

Last week they held a special three-hour "All Star" edition of RAW. What was so special about it? I don't know, you tell me. Stone Cold was brought in as acting RAW general manager.

The "All Star" show was like an average RAW. Nothing too special, just a decent build to "Capitol Punishment." I have no real complaints besides the fact that Zack Ryder wasn't live in front of his hometown crowd.

Then "Capitol Punishment" rolled around and by the end of the night there were two screw-job finishes and two new champions.

Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger made a surprise appearance at the pay-per-view. In typical WWE fashion, the match went unannounced. Nobody knew about until it happened.

Alex Riley defeated The Miz. Riley beat the former WWE Champion cleanly. I'm a Riley fan, but couldn't WWE have made Riley lose for the sake of their feud? What happens to each guy now?

Alberto Del Rio defeated Big Show and seemingly (and thankfully) ended one of the stupidest story lines of the year. Ricardo Rodriguez hit Big Show with a car. Two weeks later, Big Show returned with a full sprint to the ring and beat up on Ricardo.

Hey Big Show, how's your leg? You got "run over" two weeks ago, but no limp or anything? 

At "Capitol Punishment" Big Show's leg started to hurt again—but on RAW he had no cast and wasn't limping.

CM Punk finally picked up a win at a pay-per-view; his first PPV win since "Extreme Rules 2010."

Then WWE vomited up the Ziggler/Kingston feud. Really? It's been done a million times before, but they want to revive it?

Ziggler won the United States title.

The very boring and very bland feud between Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson finally ended with Zeke winning the Intercontinental title.

After the match, Jerry Lawler stepped into the ring to congratulate and interview Zeke. Calm down guys, it's only a mid-card title. Ezekiel will defend it once in a two-month time span before losing it again. Believe it or not, but this title used to have some meaning to it.

Orton vs. Christian was a good match. This feud, at least for me anyways, is like a broken record. It keeps going and going and going. 

This was their third match. With the screw-job ending, Round 4 between the two is bound to happen.

Christian was pinned while his foot was under the rope.

The main event was R-Truth vs. John Cena for the WWE title.

R-Truth went to steal water from a kid in the crowd, but the kid threw the water in Truth's face. Cena rolled Truth in the ring, hit an AA and pinned him for the win.


A kid just successfully retained John Cena's championship for him. He should be champion, he defended the belt against Truth.

What's wrong with R-Truth? Is his only weakness water in his eyes? What was in the water? Microscopic shards of glass that shredded his eyes? That I can believe, because the kid may have been a hardcore Cena fan and "Lil' Jimmy."

The pay-per-view was mediocre at best. Both World title matches ended terribly.

WWE recycled four matches in that one night.

I almost forgot to mention that a fake Barack Obama showed up and took time out of the show to talk to the WWE "Universe." He even danced with Booker T. Is this what you paid about $50 to $60 for?

After a pay-per-view gone wrong, WWE decided to have "Power to the People" night on RAW. Will that make up for "Capitol Punishment"?

CM Punk opened RAW's "Power to the People" saying that he demanded to be the No. 1 contender. The RAW GM chimed in and made a triple threat to determine the No. 1 contender. 

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio.

Why didn't the people choose who's in that match?

First poll of the night is for a break.

Text your request to 46992. 

A.) Bathroom break

B.) Something to eat

C.) Switch the channel for about five minutes. A Divas match is next.

The options are Kelly Kelly, Eve and Beth Phoenix. Whoever gets the most votes gets a Divas title match.

Kelly Kelly wins? I thought it was up to the people. I thought for sure Beth was going to win, but no, Kelly did. If it was a bikini contest I'd understand, but it wasn't.

Kelly Kelly won the Divas title and that title now slowly loses its credibility—oh, sorry—loses any credibility that was left.

Next we get Evan Bourne. Who was his opponent? You decide.

Mason Ryan, Sin Cara or Jack Swagger for the fifth time?

Mason Ryan wins? Yeah, and Great Khali is World Champion material.

Mason Ryan wins.

Today WWE is saying that they screwed up the voting: Sin Cara really won the votes and should've wrestled Bourne.

Did they mess up the votes or their booking? They're just making excuses for their "mistake" to relieve the outraged IWC.

Mark Henry vs Kane, but in what stipulation?

A.) Arm Wrestling

B.) Over the Top Rope Challenge

C.) Body Slam Challenge

Odd choices, but okay.

It was arm wrestling, and an arm wrestling match never has a clean winner in pro wrestling. Henry beat up Kane and slammed him through the announcer's table.

(Not the Spanish announcing table, for those keeping score.)

R-Truth, Christian and Miz all started bickering about "Capitol Punishment." I understand why Truth and Christian were complaining, but Miz lost fair and square!

*Warning* Things are about to go from dumb to dumber in a heart beat.

Smackdown general manager Teddy Long made a six-man tag match.

R-Truth, Christian and Miz vs. Alex Riley, Randy Orton and John Cena.

Well that seems one-sided.

You have the "Capitol Punishment" losers on one team and the "Capitol Punishment" winners on the other.

What the hell is Teddy even doing on RAW? He's the Smackdown manager, making a main event on RAW? Get the hell out of here, Teddy. Go back to Smackdown.

 Then they give us Ziggler vs Kingston for the millionth time and it was for the US title. Kofi won by DQ, but Ziggler retained the title. Is this the next feud WWE is going to vomit up?

CM Punk became the No. 1 contender to the WWE title. It was about time!

His match is at "Money in the Bank." Win or lose, he's leaving WWE. Nice job letting one of the best wrestlers in the world walk away, WWE.

Daniel Bryan beat Cody Rhodes in a No Count-out match.

Who the hell comes up with the stipulations? Where's table match or last man standing? Instead we can vote for a paper bag match?

Michael Cole vs. Vickie Guerrero in a Dance-Off? No comment.

Main event: The League of Super Heroes beats Miz, Truth and Christian. Predictable.

Has anybody looked at these voting results?

Kelly Kelly: 53%

Eve: 11%

Beth Phoenix: 36%


Mason Ryan: 51% 

Sin Cara: 30%

Jack Swagger: 19%


Arm Wrestling: 52%

Over the Top Rope: 35%

Body Slam Challenge: 13%


2 out of 3 Falls: 51%

Vickie Guerreo Banned: 31%

Submission: 18%


Falls Count Anywhere: 66%

No DQ: 23%

Submission: 11%


No Count-out: 51%

Paper Bag: 43%

Collegiate Rules: 6%


Cole: 47%

Lawler: 39%

Booker: 14%


Elimination Match: 79%

One Fall to Win: 15%

20 Minute Time Limit: 6%


Does anyone realize the pattern in the voting results?

If the power was truly given to the people, Kelly Kelly would not have had a match. Sin Cara would've wrestled Evan Bourne.

I thought it was a bad night on RAW. I didn't even bother watching the full show.

Don't worry, next week RAW is in Sin City—Las Vegas, Nevada.

Shawn Michaels in now our host for RAW "Roulette"!

Great, another gimmick RAW hosted by another WWE Hall of Famer. To me that is screaming out that WWE is now desperate for ratings.

Two three-hour RAWs in a row and now three weeks of a gimmicked show.

From "All Stars" to "Capitol Punishment" to "Power to the People" and soon to be RAW "Roulette," WWE needs help. They need change. Change in the creative team. They need big time help.

I can't sit through a full RAW show anymore. I haven't watched a full RAW for a very long time. It's been years now.

I can't stomach to watch even an hour or half an hour of Smackdown.

I might sound like former WWE Superstar Batista, but at this point I've stopped caring.

WWE isn't the same. It's not the place or thing I once loved. I've given up on them in the past, but Bleacher Report helped renew my lost fate.

It is Vince McMahon and his team of writers which I find dull and repetitive. They shove the same wrestlers down our throats week after week after week.

It is because of them that I am giving up again. 

They are too reliant on past superstars like Stone Cold, The Rock and Shawn Michaels. They're too reliant on gimmick shows like "All Stars" and "Money in the Bank."

They're too blind to see what talents they truly have. WWE should push guys like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder. Put them on TV, not the same old John Cena and Randy Orton show.

This is my plea for WWE to change.

Like CM Punk, I am going to be done with WWE after "Money in the Bank" if I don't feel satisfied. To me, WWE is like watching paint dry.

Dull, boring colors splattering aimlessly on a lifeless canvas.

WWE isn't the company I was once known to love. 


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