Culpepper, Chiefs Cool Contract Conversation

Sean KellyContributor IOctober 28, 2008

After a surprising performance by Tyler Thigpen, the planned Tuesday meeting at Arrowhead between the Chiefs and Daunte Culpepper has been cancelled. 

For now, the debate rages with regard to which party cancelled the meeting.  One fact is clear—Daunte's direction is pointed towards Detroit. No one can argue with the decision.  Even if the Chiefs were the ones to cancel the meeting, Detroit (and Orlovsky) provide the clearer path to Daunte's return to the NFL

It appears the Lions and the fans may already be souring on Orlovsky. That means, he will only have to wait until he has proven some fitness and shown some understanding of the Lion playbook before he is tabbed as the first string QB. 

Culpepper knows the NFC North.  After all, he spent seven seasons in Minnesota.  All signs point to Detroit as his best bet.  Besides, Detroit still has Kitna which means that Detroit is not looking for a long-term/franchise solution in this process.

The cons on the Chiefs side started when we saw a strong performance by Thigpen.  Thus, the Chiefs are now willing to give Tyler more time to "pan out".   Sure, in the next few weeks, teams will have more film to use for game-planning.  We will see more of Thigpen's true potential in November. 

Culpepper is going to see how the Chiefs treated Huard.  While they didn't treat him horribly, they did bypass him in favor of the future.  No reason to believe they won't do the same thing to Culpepper.