WWE: What I Learned from WWE RAW Power to the People

Josh McCainSenior Writer IJune 21, 2011


In spite of being an "entertainment" brand, the WWE has surely kicked up the wrestling, which was greatly highlighted in last night Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston match.  That was a well paced match and made me a bigger fan of the two men involved.

However, this article is not about that match; I already knew those two could bring it in the squared circle.  This article is about what I learned last night.

And what I learned was that the WWE Universe hates Evan Bourne.

Like many of you, I am a bit speculative about how much power the people actually had last night. However, with the choices for Evan Bourne being A) Jack Swagger, B) Mason Ryan, or C) Sin Cara, I felt if the thing were rigged, we'd get a rematch from Sunday's Capitol Punishment.

I choose though, to believe the voting was legit, and I voted C) for Sin Cara.  I had visions of those two leaping around the ring and pulling off all kinds of crazy high-flying moves in and outside of the ring.

But to my disbelief, the vast majority of the WWE Universe voted B) for Mason Ryan.

With no real history (or any) between the two, I can come to no other conclusion as to why the WWE Universe would vote for Ryan other than they truly hate Bourne and wanted to see his death on live television.

When the bell rang, Bourne made a valiant effort, and by valiant effort I mean he didn't get disemboweled, which was probably a disappointment to the 50 percent of the people who voted for Ryan.

I'd love to break down the match for you, but I'm sure I missed a few moves as I could only watch it through my fingers because it was too gruesome to bare, but like a car crash too violent to turn away.

Bourne got in a drop kick to Ryan's elephant sized thigh, but that was about all the offense he could muster, and honestly that was more than I expected from the 183 pound wrestler especially when going against someone that is almost literally twice his size (Ryan weighs 318 pounds).

Evan, you did a good job not getting murdered in Baltimore (of all places) last night, I'm sorry the majority of the WWE Universe hates you.


Apparently the WWE does not hate Evan Bourne.  As being reported on WWE.com, there was a glitch in the voting for that match.  Apparently so many people voted for Kelly Kelly in the previous match (Really?) that it created a back-log and Sin Cara actually won.  So pretty much forget everything I wrote prior to this update.

On the flip side, the WWE better give us that match next week on RAW or on Smackdown this week because we voted for it damn it.