John Cena 20:2–20:17: The Ten Commandments, According to WWE

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John Cena 20:2–20:17: The Ten Commandments, According to WWE

As a supplement to my article about a recent WWE house show I attended this past Saturday, I previously mentioned how kids literally worship John Cena.

In essence, I'd like to take a look at just how appropriately John Cena would fit if his name were shoved casually into the 10 Commandments. 

Keep in mind, I myself am not directly comparing John Cena to any deity, nor am I attempting to be the overly insulting type that claims to be a heroin-addict, heathen prostitute when Jehovah's Witnesses knock on my door.

In all honesty, my fiancee and I have a family of Jamaicans living in the apartment above ours and every Thursday and Sunday, they hold a loud ministry in their half of the shared garage.  

As disruptive as all the chanting, clapping, singing and sermons are, we have not one time left any dead animals on their doorstep, handed them occult literature or told them to "F" off. 

The purpose of this article is merely to see the similarity in what WWE is presenting us with, as fans.  When I hear things from the mouths of children, like what I heard at the show, word for word:

"I didn't think John Cena was real, is he really real?"

I can only assume that children are being allowed, by their much older (and allegedly wiser) parents/guardians, to believe that Cena is truly a super-powerful, heavenly being with "powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men."

Don't believe me?  Let's visit each one, and see if we can tell just how WWE feels about this man.

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