College Football 2011: Hottest Fanbase Video Countdown

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The hottest coeds live in Austin. The University of Texas is No. 1.  

Well, that’s what every Longhorn wants to hear. Oregon would disagree. So would USC. And that’s not even considering the SEC.

Playboy has their crappy version of the girls of whoever, but who trusts Playboy? The world is Maxim, not Hefner. Every school has hot girls, but which college fanbase really is chock full of good-looking girls?

Do you like a southern girl’s charm? Does the Midwest boast the most real hot girls? The Big 12 might surprise you. And then there’s the Pac 12. We might as well start and stop with the schools in Arizona.

Every college senior might tell his parents he’s going for the education, but he and his buddies are looking at party schools and what the coeds look like?

That’s not wrong. That’s not shallow. It’s reality. No one picks Florida State for their agricultural school. Do they even have an agricultural school?

Bleacher Report Productions takes a look—a long long long look—at the hottest fanbases across the country. Where does your school rank?  Who did we forget?  And what school (Baylor) would surprise you?

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