WWE News: Punk Out (Day 28) - CM Punk Beats Rey Mysterio, Says He's Leaving WWE

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistJune 20, 2011

Big Nasty will be keeping a running diary of what appear to be CM Punk's final days in WWE (for now).  Reports of Punk's reticence to sign a contract extension seem to point to the fact that he is gearing up to leave the company.

CM Punk remained front and center amidst a growing storm of speculation and concern that suggest he will be leaving the WWE faster than Anthony Weiner pulled out of Congress. 

Punk has received a peculiar amount of emphasis in recent weeks, going over WWE Champion John Cena in last week's non-title main event on RAW, and defeating Rey Mysterio in last night's rubber match at WWE Capitol Punishment

Headlines of Punk's impending departure, however, have only continued to accumulate. 

Following Punk's win over Rey Mysterio Jr. last night, an unbelievable statistic surfaced that gives a bit more insight as to Punk's alleged frustrations with his place in the company. 

Last night's win at Capitol Punishment was CM Punk's first pay-per-view win since April of 2010.  The streak could point to a number of things from Punk being booked poorly to Punk being a great heel as the best heels usually get their comeuppance at a pay-per-view. 

Punk's streak-breaking win over Mysterio last night was far from the most intriguing news concerning the former World Champion. 

During one of his signature smarmy promos, where Punk used a mocking tone to refer to WWE "Superstars",  Punk announced he would do the most honest thing that the WWE Universe had ever seen after defeating Mysterio. 

The promo sparked an onslaught of social media speculation that this would be the impetus of a storyline designed to write CM Punk off of WWE television. 

Punk remained silent following his aforementioned Capitol Punishment victory, meaning the speculation would have to hold its horses (or continue to giddy up) for at least another night. 


BALTIMORE, Maryland - June 20th.  CM Punk took to his twitter account to reiterate his promise of making a "monumental" announcement on RAW with the following tweet:

“Last night at Capitol Punishment, I not only defeated Rey Mysterio, I also vowed to perform the most honest act in WWE history. Join me on tonight’s Power to the People episode of Monday Night Raw, and witness the genesis of something monumental.”

RAW opened cold with CM Punk laying in the middle of the ring making snow Angels.  Punk declared himself to be the best "wrestler" in the world as the noted rebel defiantly placed emphasis on the word "wrestler" in an era where Vince McMahon has become borderline obsessed with branding WWE as "entertainment." 

Punk demanded to be declared a no. 1 contender, and after an obnoxious back-and-forth exchange with the RAW GM that saw Punk stage a sit-in strike until he got his way, Punk was booked in a triple threat match against Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio Jr.  The winner of the match would be named the no. 1 contender for the WWE Championship. 

Alberto Del Rio remains the frontrunner as John Cena's most likely opponent at SummerSlam.  Therefore, it only makes sense that CM Punk, in what could be his final WWE match (for now), be next in line to face Cena at Money in the Bank - which will take place in Punk's home town of Chicago, Illinois. 


Triple Threat Match to be No. 1 Contender for WWE Championship - CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysteiro Jr.

With "Power to the People" being the theme of tonight's three hour broadcast, the people voted for this match to be a falls count anywhere match. 

The match started hot with Mysterio attempting an early 619 on Del Rio only to take a clothesline from Punk. 

Punk slipped to the outside and powerbombed Del Rio on the floor, then took a flying seated senton from Mysterio as the crowd became worked into a frenzy and RAW went to break. 


Following the break, all three men were back in the ring as Punk and Del Rio exchanged tilt-a-world backbreakers on Mysterio.  Del Rio countered a GTS attempt with an armbreaker, and then begun to work over Punk and Mysterio. 

A double 619 attempt from Mysterio failed as Del Rio moved out of the way and Punk caught Mysterio and had his own attempt at a finisher thwarted by Del Rio. 

In an exchange that seemed to knock CM Punk's tooth (or gum) out of his mouth, Mysterio blocked a charging Punk with his feet before connecting on a senton bomb on Punk and hitting Del Rio with a suicide dive. 

The finish came when Mysterio hit Del Rio with a 619 followed by a modified frog splash.  Punk stopped a three count, threw Mysterio shoulder-first into a pole, and stole the victory by pinning Del Rio. 

Winner and new no. 1 contender:  CM Punk 

After the match, Punk grabbed the microphone and announced that July 17th would not only be a historic day for CM Punk, but it would be a historic day for the WWE as well. 

Punk acknowledged his brutal honesty that he said gets him in trouble more than he cared to admit, and declared that July 17th, 2011 would be the night he defeated John Cena for the WWE Championship. 

He then stated that July 17th would be the night that his contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (not WWE as Vince likes it) comes to an end. 

Punk said when the clock strikes midnight, he's leaving.  And he would be leaving with the WWE Championship. 

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