James Posey: Overrated?

Scott BarbineCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

NBA analysts and experts have been raving about the New Orleans Hornets' addition of James Posey because they believe his championship experience will lift them over the top.

James Posey was a member of both the Miami Heat's and the Boston Celtics' championship teams.  Immediately after he hit the free agent market, following the Celtics' championship run, it seemed as though teams were running for the chance to sign him. 

"He brings that 'championship swagger,'" said former Celtics teammate Sam Cassell.

I'm not too sure about that, however.  I don't understand how.

During championship runs, Posey averaged 28.6 minutes a game for Miami and 24.6 for Boston.  Posey was a solid defensive bench player who could hit an open three-pointer.

The Hornets are getting a career 41 percent shooter and a good defender, but does he really take the Hornets to another level?  Undoubtedly he'll be a good player to come off the bench, and he may start a few games, but Posey has averaged double digits in just three times in his nine-year career.

People believe he has that "championship swagger" because he has been on winning teams, but if Utah Jazz were to pick up Robert Horry today, would they be favored because of him?  Heck, Horry has seven rings—that would make any team a favorite, right?

Posey isn't the type of player that will win games for you on his own. He won't account for more wins or more losses.  He is a solid role player and not much else.

I just don't buy the fact that Posey is such a great addition.  I don't buy into the "championship swagger."  I don't buy that a reserve on two championship teams is the kind of guy that will put you over the top.