MLB Trade Rumors: 8 Players Who Are No Longer Deadline Trade Options

Will BrownContributor IJune 21, 2011

MLB Trade Rumors: 8 Players Who Are No Longer Deadline Trade Options

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    CHICAGO, IL - JUNE 13: Prince Fielder # 28 of the Milwaukee Brewers bats against the Chicago Cubs on June 13, 2011 at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois.  The Cubs defeated the Brewers 1-0.  (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
    David Banks/Getty Images

    One of the most exciting times during the long MLB season is the few weeks prior to the trade deadline. There are thousands of phone calls between all general managers as some teams are trying to make a push to the postseason while others are trying to build up for the future.

    Many times the big name players that are traded are those that have one year left in their contracts or are just too expensive for their team's to keep if they are struggling. 

    These eight guys are all players that I have seen people talk about being traded on here or on various other sites prior to the season (and some during it), and I think that because of their situation or the team's situation that they won't be traded this year.

    A lot can change between now and August 1st, but for right now these guys are safe.

Jonathan Papelbon, CP Boston Red Sox

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    NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 07:  Jonathan Papelbon #58 of the Boston Red Sox in action during their game on June 7, 2011 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
    Al Bello/Getty Images

    Prior to some bad outings to start the month, Papelbon was putting up some great numbers. His ERA heading into June was a very good 2.78. 

    It's been a rough June as Papelbon has been suspended for a few games, but was posting an ERA of 10.13 prior to that anyway. In his first 3.1 innings pitched this month, Papelbon gave up six runs, but has not given up a run his last two times out.

    The reason I don't think Papelbon will be traded is because the Red Sox bullpen has been pretty up and down this season, posting an ERA of 4.05 at the time of this writing.

    Papelbon has had some rough outings lately, but has shown a good consistency over the course of the full season. His current 4.18 ERA is highly inflated due to those first few outings in June. 

Ichiro Suzuki, RF Seattle Mariners

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    SEATTLE - JUNE 17:  Ichiro Suzuki #51 of the Seattle Mariners rounds third base to score in the third inning against the Philadelphia Phillies at Safeco Field on June 17, 2011 in Seattle, Washington. The Mariners defeated the Phillies 4-2. (Photo by Otto
    Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

    The wonderful fans of Seattle would have told you all along that there was no chance that Ichiro would ever be traded, but that didn't stop people from talking about the possibility (much like the Felix Hernandez situation).

    Ichiro, one of the best hitters of the generation, is not currently putting up the numbers we all expect of him. He is currently only hitting .277 (as a career .329 hitter).

    Signs are pointing up though, as he is hitting .480 over the last week.

    Despite the level of doubt that they were facing coming into the season, the Mariners are in a great position right now to make the playoffs, and I doubt they are going to give away one of their best players with that being a very good possibility. 

Justin Upton, RF Arizona Diamondbacks

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    PHOENIX, AZ - JUNE 04:  Justin Upton #10 of the Arizona Diamondbacks bats against the Washington Nationals during the Major League Baseball game at Chase Field on June 4, 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Diamondbacks defeated the Nationals 2-0.  (Photo by Ch
    Christian Petersen/Getty Images

    It was going to take a mammoth deal to get it done in the first place, but Upton has been the focal point in the Diamondbacks resurgence this season.

    At the time of this writing, the Diamondbacks are a half game out of first place in the NL West. Upton is hitting .302 with 12 homers, 38 RBI, 13 stolen bases and an OPS of .908. 

    Yeah, he's been really good. 

    The Diamondbacks were very unlikely to trade Upton anyway, but now there is no chance.

Michael Young, UTIL Texas Rangers

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    NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 16:  Michael Young #10 of the Texas Rangers in action against the New York Yankees during their game on June 16, 2011 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
    Al Bello/Getty Images

    Michael Young instantly became one of the top trade options as soon as the Texas Rangers signed Adrian Beltre during the offseason. After all, Young is a career .300 hitter that is a great leader and can play virtually every position on the field.

    Young has been extraordinary this season as he is hitting .309 with three homers, 45 RBI, four stolen bases, and an OPS of .780.

    He's been very good when he is playing in the field, but has been used mainly as a DH.

    With the Rangers leading the division, don't expect Young to be traded away this season. 

Albert Pujols, 1B St. Louis Cardinals

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    WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 14:  Albert Pujols #5 of the St. Louis Cardinals rounds the bases after hitting a home run in the first inning against the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park on June 14, 2011 in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
    Greg Fiume/Getty Images

    I never thought it would happen, but I know that I have seen several articles contemplating the Cardinals trading Pujols.

    It wasn't happening before, and now with his recent injury, it isn't happening now.

    Pujols is a once-in-a-lifetime player, and it is very tough to trade those away. It's even tougher when the team is at the top of the division (at the time of this writing).

Ben Zobrist, 2B Tampa Bay Rays

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    ST. PETERSBURG, FL - APRIL 21:  Infielder Ben Zobrist #18 of the Tampa Bay Rays bats against the Chicago White Sox during the game at Tropicana Field on April 21, 2011 in St. Petersburg, Florida.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
    J. Meric/Getty Images

    Ben Zobrist is the type of guy that would be a popular trade piece because of his ability to play all over the field along with his production.

    Zobrist is currently hitting with a slash of .267/.343/.481 with nine homers and seven stolen bases. His ability to all things in the game well makes him a guy that most any team would want.

    Unfortunately, I don't think anyone other than the Rays will have him this season. They have surprised many by staying in the hunt after losing so much from the 2010 team. Unless they falter badly between now and the trade deadline, Zobrist isn't going anywhere. 

Grady Sizemore, CF Cleveland Indians

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    CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 18:   Grady Sizemore #24 of the Cleveland Indians hits a triple against the Pittsburgh Pirates during the seventh  inning of their game on June 18, 2011 at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio.  The Indians defeated the Pirates 5-1.
    David Maxwell/Getty Images

    It's not that Grady Sizemore is just blowing away the competition, but that the Cleveland Indians are very much in the hunt for October.

    At the time of this writing, the Indians have a record of 39-31. This is despite the fact that Sizemore has a slash of just .238/.309/.481. 

    Sizemore is the veteran of the team and knows what it takes to win games. He is also beloved be the fans of Cleveland and will eventually put up the numbers that they expect him to (don't forget that he started the year on the DL).

    Because of the team's good play, Sizemore won't be traded.

Prince Fielder, 1B Milwaukee Brewers

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    BOSTON, MA  - JUNE 19: Prince Fielder #28 of the Milwaukee Brewers connects for a home run against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park on June 19, 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
    Jim Rogash/Getty Images

    Besides maybe Jose Reyes, Fielder has been the most talked about trade bait in baseball. He will be a top free agent this offseason and is having a great season. 

    Fielder is hitting .298 with 20 homers, putting him on pace for 44. He has also driven in 61 runs and is simply leading his time right now as they are right in the thick of the playoff race.

    This is a Brewers team with the talent to win right now, so there is no real need to trade Fielder away, even though he will certainly not be a Brewer next year.