Gold Cup 2011 | USA 2 - 0 Jamaica: Bradley gets tactics spot on

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Gold Cup 2011 | USA 2 - 0 Jamaica: Bradley gets tactics spot on
U.S. 4-2-3-1 vs. Jamaican 3-4-3
For the usual chronological game recap, I defer to Zonal Marking, who so graciously linked a prior SoccReligious post in his surprise recap of the game. Consider this a more holistic, macrocosmic look at the game. 

In his five years at the helm of the USMNT, manager Bob Bradley has enjoyed more than his fair share of criticism.

When things go right, kudos are usually heaped upon the players for their gritty performances, while Bradley's managerial decisions are swept under the rug (cf. Spain in 2009 Confederations Cup or second-half adjustments against Slovenia and Algeria in the 2010 World Cup).

Yet when things go wrong -- God, when things go wrong -- Bradley comes under more fire than Anthony Weiner's, well, wiener (Trust me, that will never get stale. The joke, that is. ). Maybe it's the self-loathing way of many American soccer fans, or maybe its just easy to pick on the quiet, scowling kid.

But after a decisive 2-0 victory over upstart Jamaica in the quarterfinals of the 2011 Gold Cup on Sunday, Bob deserves all the kudos for making the right tactical calls -- especially given the adverse personnel circumstances particular to this game.

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