What Happened To The NWA Showcase On Colours TV?

jason savageCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

If you read the wrestling related websites about a year ago there was alot of talk about the legendary NWA returning to national TV (albeit in a small way via Colours TV available nationally only thru Dish Network) in January of 2008.

Being a Dish Network subscriber I was happy to hear the news and began tuning in to see what they had to offer. The show itself was pretty low budget, showing matches recorded at various recent live events mostly in the southwest (Texas, Nevada, California) with the promise of the show coming to us weekly very soon from the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Similar to what the AWA did in the '80s at the no longer existing Showboat there.

The talent was pretty good and a feud between the Real American Heroes (Karl Anderson/Joey Ryan) and Los Luchas (Phoenix Star/Zokre) was very entertaining, battling back and forth for the NWA tag team titles, even in a cage match one week!

Other stars of the show included a few familiar faces from days gone by in the WWE like "Eugene", Rob Conway, and Sean "X-Pac" Waltman. "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce was the NWA champion.

Unfortunately by mid March the last new weekly episode aired and ever since each weeks timeslot is filled with reruns of one the first 10 episodes.

My question is what happened? The show was just beginning to build storylines and interest and then it went into reruns. Repeated e-mails to the NWA have gone unanswered.

Does anyone here in the B/R wrestling community know what caused the quick demise of the return of the NWA?