TNA Impact: SPOILER ALERT, X-Division Contract Tourney 2nd Qualifier

Tyson Jones@@TigerKingTJSenior Analyst IIIJune 21, 2011

Last week, TNA gave us a bit of good news. After Austin Aries won his match, Mike Tenay announced the following week that three new X-Division stars would make debuts to qualify for its tournament to hype the Destination-X PPV.

The three men are Dakota Darsow, Federico Palacios (known as Azrieal on they Indy circuit), and the winner of the match, Shiima Xion.

Federico/Azrieal is also known as "The Good Guy." From what this writer has learned, he's had some rivalries with former TNA talent Jay Lethal—the two even formed an alliance and went on to capture the JAPW Tag Titles.

I've managed to see a couple of his matches and he's not bad, but I can see why he didn't win this match. His finishing move, from what I've gathered, is a pretty impressive Frog Splash.

Azrieal is someone new to me, but from what I've seen, he can go in the ring. I've not really heard him on the mic, so that's one question mark, but he's not bad in any stretch.

Dakota Darsow worked for WWE in FCW for a time and is a second-generation star. His father was one half of the tag team Demolition, named Smash. I've seen a couple of his matches on YouTube, and people seem to like him.

He's not bad, I'll give him that. It's also been said that even though he lost the match, TNA has indeed signed him to a contract (as reported by

His finisher looks to be a Cutthroat Hangman's Neck-breaker. As a second-generation star, a lot has to be expected of Darsow, so it'll be interesting to see what happens with him, should reports of his employment by TNA be true.

Truthfully, from what I've seen, Dakota doesn't really scream X-Division to me. He looks more like someone who'd be fighting for the Television Title. Granted, anybody can fight for the X-Division title, but he would look out of place, in my opinion.

Lastly, we have the winner of the match, and one of Austin Aries' opponents for that contract. Shiima Xion, or "The Filipino Flex Factory," as he calls himself on Facebook, is, in my opinion, the best choice for the victor of the three.

I've looked at his matches, and even some of the promos that he's done, and he looks to be an all-around good star. I've seen him do some great matches and he sounds good on the mic as well, so I think he'll be an interesting opponent for Aries—and perhaps a great addition to the X-Division.

It's hard to tell, but his finisher is one of the following: a 630 Senton, a Snap-mare Driver (from Lust to Dust), a running double knee strike to a seated opponent or a Back Suplex transitioned into a knee face-buster.

Honestly, after looking into the guy, I'm a fan of Shiima Xion. He's put on some pretty good matches—even beating former X-Division Champion Amazing Red. I highly implore you to look into him.

So, as of now the X-Division tourney includes Austin Aries and Shiima Xion. Between those two it's tough to call, but I'm going to go with Xion for now. Although, there are still some more guys to come, so things may change. I'm looking forward to seeing where TNA will go with this whole thing.

A few notables for Xion include a victory over Amazing Red and a former X-Division Champion—multiple time champion at that. Only time will tell how TNA will go about this PPV, but expect an interesting match from these three men come Thursday.