Monday Night Raw GM Mike Adamle Needs to Go...NOW!

Brandon FusonContributor IOctober 28, 2008

This isn’t just a Randy Orton back up speech; this is a personal call to fire Raw GM Mike Adamle.

Has anyone noticed how we get a really exciting Monday Night Raw one week and then we get a very dry, cut-and-paste show the next? I realize that Adamle isn’t in charge of booking and he’s not of major importance in calling the shots on Monday nights, but he just doesn’t deliver. When Adamle speaks, I snore.

Last night on Raw, Randy Orton called Adamle out as a failure. He said Adamle's failed as an interviewer, an announcer, and is currently failing as a general manager. Orton even went as far as to tell Adamle that he’s failing as a husband and as a father. Somewhat uncalled for, but partially the truth.

Since Adamle has taken over, we’ve seen about 30 “Adamle Originals,” and none of them really impressed. The Championship Scramble match didn’t get over the way that Vince McMahon wanted it, the Cena-Batista match at Summerslam wasn’t the best (I’ll hold my opinions on that and I’m asking you to do the same), and his greatest accomplishment before last night had been announcing CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Title.

To finish this up, WWE has set itself up perfectly for this. Orton went on his tirade last night and said if Adamle wasn’t fired next week, he would leave the company. Now, I know this is a work and so do you, but it’s the perfect setup to can Adamle as the GM. Thoughts?