World Football: Cristiano Ronaldo and 8 Most Arrogant Players in the World Today

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World Football: Cristiano Ronaldo and 8 Most Arrogant Players in the World Today
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Believe it not, there was a time before professional soccer players acted like primadonnas.

If you are able to watch a game from the 1980s, you will see players giving maximum effort for relatively little money for the game they love. There was no diving, no "throw the ball back to the other team after an injury"; it was much more real.

This, of course, was long before hundreds of millions were spent in transfer fees and sign on contracts which indirectly gives players an overinflated opinion of themselves.   As the game has evolved fans have been exposed to a new kind of soccer. Players are much more athletically gifted and take much better care of their physiques, and in a number of ways this has created a faster paced game.  

On the other hand, there are a number of negative things leaking into the game today. Corruption, diving, and the major increase in the gap between the rich and the poor has drastically altered the game we all know and love.   Money is a major factor to both the positive and negative aspects of the soccer world we live in. Because of all this wealth, a lot of the best players in the game today have a bit of arrogance to them.

In this slideshow, I will take a quick look at who puts their arrogance on display for the supporters.   I want to qualify this list before you begin to navigate. Obviously, I do not know any of the players personally. A lot of these guys do a lot of charity work that goes largely unnoticed by media sharks. Their obligation to do so is widely debated by fans but it does go to show that their arrogance on the field and does not make them bad people. With that said, let's take a look at the eight most arrogant soccer players in the world today.

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