Kerry Collins and His Unbeaten Titans: Has Lady Luck Landed in Music City?

Steve BlairContributor IOctober 28, 2008

Isn't it crazy when a player comes out of obscurity to lead a team to the last undefeated record in the league?

Some may disagree that Kerry Collins was even in obscurity to begin with, but I remember when he was a Panther. We loved to hate this "kid" back in Carolina. He simply could not handle the pressure or the money that came with being an NFL quarterback. He was constantly in the news for his party lifestyle.

We just wanted him gone, then he was...seemingly off the face of the earth. Sure, we heard a little news come out of Oakland, a touchdown here, a great pass there, but nothing meaningful. Nothing that made us say, "I wish he were still here."

Now with grey in his 5 o'clock shadow, he's no longer a kid, no longer known for misbehaving. It's all football. It's all about the game.

This is a guy many thought should have retired years ago. Sure, he could have gone down in history as a second-rate quarterback, but who wants that? Now he's leading his team to the best start in franchise history.

Is he also rewriting his own future history in the NFL? Will this one-year Cinderella story turn into a new burst of history-changing stories?

What about Vince Young? Remember him? Will we be having this same conversation in five years about him, or did his career start off on the other end of the spectrum? Are his best days behind him? We'll see.

I can tell you this much. He's a forgotten name here in Nashville. All the fans in this town care about is Kerry Collins. And I think they are on to something.