WWE Capital Punishment: Is It Possible to Love Again Once the Magic Is Gone?

Cec Van Galini@@MJA_GalbraithAnalyst IIIJune 20, 2011

For the first time in two years, I refused to buy a WWE pay-per-view. I do not buy into the logic of blind loyalty when it comes to television. I am selfish; I want entertainment and unless I get it, I turn off. So is it possible to win someone round once the love is gone?

To be honest, wrestling has been in the doldrums for a long time. The PG era may have its critics, but the problem dates back to the collapse of WCW. Gone in an instant was competition, gone in an instant was the need to try.

Wrestling in the Connecticut Empire was suddenly being orientated by money, not quality.

There has been moments along the way that have been magical, and the WrestleMania XXV spectacle of Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker remains a moment of history. However, these successes have been few and far between in recent times.

Maybe wrestling has a shelf life. Maybe its like watching the news channel - we watch for a certain period of time before everything is rehashed and re-broadcast.

Maybe its because I have lived in the golden era of wrestling that the modern day equivalent just seems poor. I do not want Orton because I had Stone Cold. I do not want Legacy or Immortal because I had the New World Order.

When the matches were published for this weekend's event, questions appeared in my head. How good was it going to be? Is Kofi Kingston - Jack Swagger once again, going to offer anything new? Is Wade Barrett against Ezekial Jackson going to produce anything at all?

Or put it another way, is the PPV going to be worth me shelling out $25?

Sorry but the answers are all negative.

Wrestling for a long time has ceased to be original. Orton is the blue eyed boy of the wrestling community, and yet who can honestly say hes anything more than a second rate Steve Austin? His RKO is a stunner, and its unpredictability is simply what Stone Cold did a decade before.

Hence begins the loop. I saw Austin as the heel, Rock as the face, Undertaker as the character, Shawn as the showman, does that mean I have had my share of wrestling? Do I dare hope that something new is coming or do I have to sit through Orton as Austin, Cena as the Rock in some poor showing of impersonation?

There are flashes of inspiration in wrestling and live shows are a particular highlight. Attending house shows were we are free from all the nonsense of angles, interviews and bits means we are free to watch athletes performing. Now and again we also get PPVs that inspire, matches that are amazing and performances that surprise us.

But its rare.

I want effort. I want quality matches. I want properly developed feuds. I want charisma. I want wrestling. I want some sign that wrestling companies are actually listening.

Some will say that Vince knows best; sure wrestling is making money, so all is good. When the measuring stick is cash and sales, focus is taken away from the original product.

Whether I am one grumpy fan who is alone in my views or not, one thing is clear: the WWE this past weekend did not sell its product well enough, and because of that, I did not buy.

Try again in a month, and I will see if I am interested in continuing our love affair.