Sexiest Sports Hottie Video Countdown

Scott HowardContributor IJune 20, 2011

Sexiest Sports Hottie Video Countdown

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    There's only one thing better than sexy photos of sports hotties: sexy videos of sports hotties.

    While staring at photos all day can be nice, there's nothing better than seeing a living, breathing representation of the most beautiful women on the planet.

    With that in mind I have scoured the web to bring you that absolute hottest videos involving ladies of the sports world.

    Some you will know, some you won't, but you will definitely thank me afterwards. Please enjoy the sexiest sports hottie video countdown.

25. Arianny Celeste Maxim Shoot

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    Who: Arianny Celeste, UFC Octagon Girl

    Video: Maxim May 2010 Cover Shoot

    Some brilliant ad executive at a Maxim board meeting decided that people might like to see videos as well as pictures of the lovely ladies they feature.

    God bless that man.

    She may deserve to be higher on the list, but I just wanted to give you an idea of what we're working she may or may not make another appearance later...

24. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar

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    Who: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    Video: 2008 Cowboys Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar Shoot

    A lot of cheerleading squads put out swimsuit calendars to boost revenue for the team or for a local charity. Luckily ESPN decided to film this one.

23. Royce Reed Goes as Low as She Can Go

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    Who: Royce Reed, baby mama of Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard

    Video: Cell Phone Camera Footage of Dance Contest

    Royce made her debut on Basketball Wives with her flexible moves on the dance floor. The other wives, none of which are actually wives, said they were embarrassed at her behavior.

    My guess is they were just jealous.

22. Claudia Sampedro Behind the Scenes

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    Who: Claudia Sampedro, WAG linked to Reggie Bush

    Video: Taz's Angels Behind the Scenes

    The Twitter model does more than just send out a pic here, as we get to see her in real time action.

21. Erin Andrews off the Sidelines...Sort of

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    Who: Erin Andrews, ESPN sideline reporter

    Video: September 2009 GQ Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes

    For those of you that continue to bombard the website with "Erin Andrews is overrated" comments, I'd love to hear your defense for this one.

20. Alana Blanchard Comfortable at the Beach

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    Who: Alana Blanchard, Pro Surfer

    Video: Reef Entertainment Video Shoot

    Those of you who don't follow surfing may not know about Alana Blanchard. Allow me to introduce you. You can thank me later.

    Craving more surfing hotties? Take a look at the 50 Sexiest Water Sports Athletes.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders Photo Shoot

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    Who: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders

    Video: 2008-09 Bucs Cheerleaders Calendar Shoot

    Ok, so ignore the cheerleading manager who does all the talking and just focus on the lovely ladies in the background.

    Front row seats to games, free trips to tropical islands...sounds like being an NFL cheerleader is a pretty sweet gig.

18. Bella Gonzalez Leather Photo Shoot

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    Who: Bella Gonzalez, girlfriend of boxer Shane Mosley

    Video: Bella at a Photo Shoot

    Shane Mosley couldn't have summed it up better, "I love to come down and check out her work." You and me both, Shane. You and me both.

17. Gisele Bundchen Bikini Shoot

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    Who: Gisele Bundchen, wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

    Video: Gisele Bikini Shoot at the Beach

    Gisele has done countless bikini and underwear shoots in her life, but this one is particularly fascinating. Just when you think things couldn't get any better for Tom Brady, you're reminded that he gets to wake up next to this every morning...

16. Alicia Machado in a Bikini

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    Who: Alicia Machado, Miss Venezuela/Miss Universe 1996, former fiancee of outfielder Bobby Abreu

    Video: Alicia in a Bikini on a Spanish Language Television Show

    One of the best parts about Spanish television shows is that they get girls in bikinis and put them in hot tubs in the middle of the set.

    Ok, so maybe that's just this show but I choose to believe they're all like that.

15. Eva Longoria Maxim Photo Shoot

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    Who: Evan Longoria, former wife of NBA guard Tony Parker

    Video: Maxim Cover Shoot 2006

    With all the publicity she gets, sometimes we forget just how hot Eva Longoria actually is. Here is some vintage video of her which I'm sure will not disappoint.

14. Carmella DeCesare Photo Shoot

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    Who: Carmella DeCesare, wife of NFL QB Jeff Garcia

    Video: Unspecified Photo Shoot

    Carmella was Playmate of the Year in 2004, but she proves that she's still extremely hot with this shoot from 2010.

13. Kim Kardashian Sketchers Commercial

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    Who: Kim Kardashian, serial WAG, fiancee of New Jersey Nets' Kris Humphries

    Video: 2011 Sketchers Commercial

    This commercial aired during the Super Bowl in 2011 and the reaction was pretty much the same as any time we see Kim out and, she looks hot!

12. Mayra Veronica on the Beach

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    Who: Mayra Veronica, former flame of Reggie Bush

    Video: Sexy Moves on the Beach

    I don't know why she made this video or how it was organized, but I am a fan.

11. Maria Sharapova Swimsuit Photo Shoot

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    Who: Maria Sharapova, former No. 1 ranked women's tennis player

    Video: Spike TV Swimsuit Photo Shoot

    Ah, Maria Sharapova...where have you gone? It will be better for all of us if Maria can overcome injuries and reclaim her spot at the top of the rankings.

10. Aida Yespica Calendar Shoot

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    Who: Aida Yespica, WAG of Italian soccer player Matteo Ferrari

    Video: Behind the Scenes of Aida's Calendar

    This WAG is one of the sexiest under-the-radar hotties out there. This video will show you why.

9. Hot Tub Sleeper Picks

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    Who: Three hot girls in a hot tub making fantasy football picks

    Video: (See above)

    I don't know how I'm just finding out about this, but this could be the greatest way to find out fantasy news in the history of mankind.

    It beats watching videos of Matthew Berry.

8. Lauren Pope Photo Shoot

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    Who: Lauren Pope, model known for being the girlfriend of Manchester City's Shaun Wright-Phillips

    Video: Unspecified Photo Shoot

    Lauren Pope is another one of those "celebrities" who have made a living out of doing pretty much nothing. Although apparently she's an accomplished DJ.

7. Jenn Sterger Maxim Shoot

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    Who: Jenn Sterger, avid FSU fan, Bleacher Report Guest Columnist

    Video: Maxim Photo Shoot 2010

    Jenn Sterger came out of nowhere to become one of the sexiest women in sports. Videos like this prove exactly why.

6. Elsa Benitez Photo Shoot

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    Who: Elsa Benitez, simsuit model and former wife of NBA player Rony Seikaly

    Video: Behind the Scenes of a Benitez Photo Shoot

    She may have had her day in the sun a few years ago, but this former WAG is still one of the hottest women on the planet.

    I took it upon myself to educate our readers who may not be familiar with her.

5. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Bikini Boot Camp

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    Who: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    Video: Dallas Cowboys Bikini Busters

    Thank goodness for CMT. They put on a show about the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders that featured something called "Bikini Boot Camp."

    I didn't know those words could go together but the results are fantastic.

4. Gemma Atkinson Magazine Photo Shoot

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    Who: Gemma Atkinson, British soccer WAG extraordinaire

    Video: Photo Shoot for Zoo Magazine

    The still shots of Gemma are simply breathtaking, but who knew that the video could surpass them? The accent is working as well.

3. Arianny Celeste: The Ultimate Fantasy

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    Who: Arianny Celeste, UFC Octagon Girl

    Video: Bud Light Lime Commercial

    The drink may be disgusting, but the video is the polar opposite. Now I have a subconscious, tingly feeling every time I see a lime. Thank you Arianny Celeste.

2. Brooklyn Decker Swimsuit Shoot

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    Who: Brooklyn Decker, wife of tennis player Andy Roddick

    Video: SI Swimsuit 2010 Photo Shoot

    Brooklyn Decker is in the Pantheon of sports chicks, and videos like this are the reason why. She looks great in still photos, but even better when she's moving.

1. Torrie and Sable Bikini Contest

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    Who: Torrie Wilson and Sable, WWE Divas

    Video: Torrie, Dawn, and Sable Perform for the Troops

    Merry Christmas, indeed!

    I know it's hard to imagine being stationed overseas for months and months at a time, but this certainly has to make it a little better.

    I mean, you know this video had to be #1. It's for our soldiers!