WWE Capitol Punishment Review: June 19, 2011 (Part 2)

Daniel MasseySenior Analyst IIIJune 20, 2011

Hello, folks. Welcome to part two of this extensive review of last night’s action.

R-Truth was shown backstage intimidating a photographer because he wouldn’t take Truth’s picture since John Cena’s name was on the belt. He probably should have taken a picture because unless he steals it again, that’s the closest R-Truth is going to come to the title.


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Wade Barrett preempted Matt Striker and grabbed the microphone, cutting a promo on the crowd as he made his way to the ring. One thing that can be said about Barrett is he is extremely adept at cutting promos.

He had a go at American officials, the national debt and even the American education system. He said in a few years, everyone will be speaking Chinese.

“America is just a hollow shell.”

This elicited “USA” chants from the audience as Ezekiel made his way to the ring. Cole pointed out, correctly I might add, that Jackson isn’t even from the USA.

This was an extremely entertaining match, with back-and-forth action. Jackson went for the torture rack early, but it was reversed. Barrett managed to hit a huge side-slam on Jackson.

After a pumphandle slam by Barrett, Jackson got a surge of energy, taking Barrett down with clotheslines until he walked into a Wasteland.

I thought the match would be over there, but Jackson kicked out. The “USA” chants started again, and Jackson performed his successive slams on the champion, locking him in the torture rack.

Barrett submitted, resulting in a new Intercontinental Champion. This is the second prediction I got right.

Jerry Lawler interviewed Jackson in the ring following his win, and he responded in a way that reminded me of when The Rock won his first Intercontinental Championship on Thursday Raw Thursday. He was delighted and expressed emotion only a face could. He said he finally had independence from Barrett and The Corre.


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The President was shown again (not the real one, obviously,) and Santino Marella was teaching him how to do the Cobra before being taken down by his security. Rather amusing, but I could have done without seeing it.

Josh Matthews then interviewed CM Punk before his match with Rey Mysterio. Punk said he isn't a liar like the politicians in Washington, but Mysterio is lying through his mask. Punk said that once he wins, he will do the most honest thing the WWE Universe has ever seen.

Despite Punk being the heel, the crowd was behind the Straight Edge Superstar as he faced Mysterio in the squared circle. Though the match was good, I couldn’t help but think I’d already seen it way too many times. I don’t know how Punk has got into this rut, but hopefully the win he gained over the masked Mexican will allow him to get to the top once again.

Punk shouted "Happy Father’s Day!" to Mysterio at one point during the match, which I thought was a good touch. When wrestlers are vocal, it adds another dimension to the match, allowing the audience to become more invested in the characters.

Punk seemed to gain the advantage more often than not, catching Mysterio and dropping him face first into the barricade at one point. He hit a big back suplex on Mysterio towards the end of the match but ended up in the position to receive a 619.

Punk caught Mysterio and gave him a GTS, earning him his first pay-per-view win in ages.

I’m glad Punk picked up the win—it’s about time he did. Mysterio never looked like he was going to win that match to me anyway. Punk looked dominant all night. I’m interested to see what he has to say tomorrow night on Raw.


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The first main event of the night followed this contest, pitting Christian against Randy Orton. Orton had the support of the crowd behind him and gained the early advantage. The action ended up on the outside a couple of times, as both men were trying to gain a clear-cut advantage—but the match seemed pretty even.

Christian hit a huge spine buster on the Viper, and it was at this point that he began to clutch his head, prompting the commentators to remind the viewers about his concussion. Orton looked weaker and weaker as the match continued but still managed to force a powerslam out of nowhere.

After a superplex, both men tried to execute their finishing manoeuvres—but to no avail. Christian stole Edge’s finishing move again and hit it after Orton leapfrogged the first attempt.

The Viper kicked out and hit an RKO shortly after and won the match. He shouldn’t have though.

Christian’s foot was clearly under the bottom rope, and I can’t believe the referee didn’t notice it. It’s making me angry writing about it. The match should at least have been restarted, but I guess this will allow the storyline to progress and give Christian an excuse for another title shot at the next pay-per-view. I just hope Sheamus is involved next time.

Christian moaned and whined at the ref, who answered back despite being as wrong as wrong can be. Orton then introduced Christian’s head to the title belt and shouted, “Payback is a b*tch!”

What a travesty.

We were then treated to a bonus attraction with over 30 minutes left on the pay-per-view schedule and all but one match out of the way.

Jack Swagger faced Evan Bourne in a single's match. The crowd was not really into this match because it was placed between the main events. Had it have been the first match on the schedule, I believe it would have garnered a better reaction.

Bourne showcased some impressive moves once again, but Swagger dominated the match. He hit Bourne with some vicious elbows and followed them up by doing press ups on the downed Bourne. He meticulously beat the man down and went for his Swagger bomb—thankfully Bourne got his legs up.

Bourne then countered the Gutwrench powerbomb and picked up the victory with a roll up.


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Barack Obama made an appearance before the main event, culminating in Booker T convincing the 44th President to perform a Barackorooni. It was surprisingly good. The funniest bit of this segment was Booker T calling the president “homie.”

When Obama was talking I thought to myself; only the WWE Universe could “What?!” the 44th President of the United States.

It was then time for the main event. The crowd exploded when Cena arrived and was consistently loud throughout the match.

The match itself was a slow affair, with Cena being beaten down as per usual, then making a comeback at the last minute to retain the title.

Truth really impressed me with his moveset last night. He looked like a main-eventer and showed the WWE Universe that he does deserve to be there, despite being bested by Little Jimmy.

He stole a kid’s cap and drink. But when he gave the drink back, the kid threw it in his face! What a winner.

Despite me not enjoying the Attitude Adjustment that followed, I have to give that kid props. (I am aware he was most likely planted.)  

I enjoyed the pace of the match as it added to Truth’s character, the slow dissection of the champion. Despite him losing, I believe he will stay in contention over the next couple of weeks.

Cena celebrated in the ring with the kid, who couldn’t believe his luck and the broadcast ended with a celebration with the National Guard.

The main event was excellent, but I think the commentary helped. The fact that they concentrated solely on the match was a big help. It was like things had finally gone back to normal. Everyone was having fun.

The pay-per-view itself was extremely impressive. The matches worked, the stage setup was brilliant and the crowd was invested in the characters, resulting in a deafening noise—especially in the main event.

It was 1,000 times better than last month’s pay-per-view, and if Money in the Bank delivers next month then WWE will be on a good roll this year.

What did you think of the pay-per-view? Are you glad you bought it? What would you have changed?

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