LSU Football Has Great Names!

Leo DonelonCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

These are names that would be great for any writer of fiction: Bogga McFarland, Trigger Allen, Tyler Lafache, Ricky Jean-Francois, Y.A. Tittle, to name a few. These are names that in themselves, are a writer's dream; names like Gwain Dibetta, Billy Cannon, and Alex Box. They are names that stick with you. They have a melody, like Jimmy Taylor.


There is no wonder with these great names come stories of football fame.


They are names that flow off the page like the much-talked-about George Gip. For we have a Gipper in Butch Duhe, Carl Otis Trimble, and Eric Andolsek. These names and many more add to the color and history of LSU Football. 


In South Louisiana, it would not seem real to have a team made up of just Jones and Smiths.  So my friends, when you write your first novel and are looking for a great name for your main character, look up the LSU record book—you will find a ton of names that your readers will remember.


Wouldn’t Bogga, or Trigger, or Cannon be more worthy than Smith or Jones? The one time we remember Smith and Jones, they were tied to Butch and Sundance, and we remember them more for Newman and Redford!


PS: Here’s to you Mr. Newman.

And our deepest sympathy for your Widow—and our alum.