WWE Capitol Punishment Results: 10 Things We Learned from the Event

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJune 20, 2011

WWE Capitol Punishment Results: 10 Things We Learned from the Event

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    Well, WWE's newest PPV, Capital Punishment has come and gone.

    We had some surprises and some things not so surprising. It was an okay PPV, but not worth the money people spent for it. This is one I wouldn't care to watch live.

    There were some idiotic things at this PPV, and we also learned a lot from WWE here. Here are 10 of those things.

10: The Fake President Obama Was a One-Time Thing, but Still Stupid

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    You saw it coming, I mean who didn't? WWE brought in a fake President Obama and he was featured throughout the show.

    A friend watching the PPV with me said, hey man, he looks like a girl with Obama makeup on. If you look close, he ain't lying.

    But who played him?

    Comedian Reggie Brown

    Brown was the lead story on CNN on Saturday when he appeared at a Republican convention and went too far with his jokes to the point of having to be pulled off stage.

    Great job, WWE!

9: WWE, While PG, Still Apparently Promotes Alcohol

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    WWE stupidly decided to take time out of the PPV to bring Keith Stone out with the Bella Twins. They sat ring side during the "special attraction" match between Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne. The camera randomly went on them during the match, but they weren't seen again after that.

    It was a moronic thing, obviously something WWE had to squeeze into the program. Plus, aren't you a PG company now, WWE?

    Promoting alcohol with a commercial that buys time during your program on TV is one thing, as it's USA's or SyFy's decision and not yours.

    But to purposely promote it on the PPV itself? Right, makes sense, WWE.

8: CM Punk Probably Has Signed a Deal with WWE

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    CM Punk's WWE contract has been called into question the last number of months. This seems to be why he never wins at PPVs.

    In his match with Rey Mysterio, which was horribly built up, as I can't even remember anything story wise going into this match with them. CM Punk won.

    This was his first PPV win since last year's Extreme Rules PPV against Rey Mysterio. So around a year in between wins. He was 0-9 since then.

    So obviously this means WWE is either hating on Rey Rey, or Punk has signed back on with WWE. Now obviously this is speculation, but heck, going into this match, Punk was already on a losing streak, what would wrong with adding another loss, right?

    So this could mean Punk is back on the rise. Who knows?

    Either way, this PPV could mean a lot of things for Punk's WWE career.

7: WWE Likes to Still Add Random Matches to Fill in Its PPV

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    I mentioned a special attraction match a few slides back between Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne. This aired right before the main event of the night.

    The World Heavyweight Championship match was done with Orton and Christian, and there was around 50 minutes left until 11/10c.

    So, I was thinking something was going to happen in between the World Heavyweight Title match and the WWE Title match.

    Nothing was pre-scheduled for fans to know about, so we really didn't know what would happen. The WWE decided to give us this match, and it was around a 10-minute bout. It was a nice match, probably better than half of the ones on the card.

    However, what I hated most was that there was nothing promoting these two going in. Obviously, Bourne and Swagger can work in the ring, they are two of the most talented young wrestlers in WWE. But neither get enough credit for this.

    Swagger controlled most of the match, but Bourne did very well too, and ended up getting the win.

    The crowd was dead throughout the match sadly, even though this was some great action.

    I guess everyone found out the main event was coming up, and saved their cheering for it. The crowd was really popping for Orton/Christian, so that could have been why it was dead during this match.

    WWE needs to refrain from adding matches like this on the fly so that fans can be prepared to me. The two did great, but for a dead crowd, which is sad.

    There were only eight advertised matches, so obviously WWE had to waste more time. How about just making matches longer or getting more matches on the card advertised? Make sense, WWE? Great!

6: Christian/Orton Will Continue

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    During the World Heavyweight Championship match, a lot of great action was seen with Orton and Christian. I was really happy with this match, but it ended with a lot of controversy.

    Christian was RKOed and Orton went for the pin. He got the three-count for the win, but the ref missed Captain Charisma's foot under the bottom rope. I'm sure something will be done with this rivalry going into Money in the Bank next month.

    Overall, great matches with these two every PPV. So it's not a bad thing to see again, also it's actually an interesting story.

5: WWE Fans Don't Realize What Nationality a Superstar Is

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    During the Wade Barrett/Ezekiel Jackson match for the IC Title, we heard a lot of USA Chants.

    Not to be somewhat fair to the crowd, Barrett cut one heck of a promo before the match about America and it's politics. Big Zeke came out to a warm reception, and both had a pretty good match.

    But the USA Chants were done a ton during this match. Go and read my live blog, I cover every time there is one. Count how many times and you'll see what I mean.

    Neither are from the United States obviously. as Wade is from the UK and Big Zeke is from Guyana, South America.

    And the crowd was just as moronic, because it said USA, USA, USA, tons of times when neither are from the area. Now Zeke has lived in New York for a number of years, but he is not from here.

    So get a clue, fans, and know where a guy is from!

4: We Are Put Through Yet Again Ziggler/Kingston

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    I am so freakin' tired of these two going at it. I like both, but together is just overkill.

    We've seen them go at on SmackDown and on PPV about 100 times and I guess WWE feels it needed to happen at RAW too. So, they gave Ziggler a US Title match against Kofi.

    Now, I was okay with Ziggler winning, he is doing great and deserves it. But if I am put through these two after this, I will have to hurt someone.

    I simply cannot take it anymore!

3: Big Show and Alberto Del Rio's Rivalry Is Just Starting

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    This match was a bit off to me. It made some sense, then none at all.

    Show came out and attacked Del Rio during his entrance and was off to a hot start only for Mark Henry to come out and attack Show.

    Henry ended up slamming Show through the Spanish Announce table and then attacked his leg. But here's the funny part, Henry got the wrong leg. Show hurt his right one, but Henry attacked the left. Show had to hobble in the ring to show Del Rio where to attack.

    Sure, he was supposed to hobble, but it was overdone and clearly something he was selling more so Del Rio knew.

    It was pretty funny and my friends and I were yelling at the screen about it.

    Del Rio and Show went at it some, but Del Rio kept on the leg so much that Show simply could not get up. And the ref ended up calling the match in favor of Del Rio.

    For some reason, Cole called it winning by submission. As you see in the picture above, Del Rio did lock in a kneebar, but Show got out of it. Moron!

    It was a ref stoppage, so go with that since it's actually true and makes sense.

    To me, this rivalry is just getting started and it could end up going to Summerslam.

    Show has done well in this storyline as has Del Rio. So while I realize these two won't put on a 5 star match, the story is good, so it's worth seeing a little more

2: Alex Riley Is a Main Event Waiting to Happen

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    The Alex Riley/Miz match was very good, and an awesome story telling match.

    I was overjoyed with these two and this story should probably keep going. I was worried before the PPV that these two would end up doing something weird and things wouldn't be good. But, I also picked Miz to win and that would have ended this rivalry.

    I don't know what it is, but Miz is able to time and time again keep me interested with his storyline ability. Sure, he's okay in the ring and not spectacular, but he works so well on the entertainment side. But Riley is kind of the whole package.

    He has skill in the ring, on the mic, and is proving he can work a story.

    So, this story looks to be worth at least a SummerSlam run.

    Obviously with the lack of top faces on RAW and one of them out on injury leave, a need for another top face is there.

    Sure Big Show is out there, but he's by no means able to leave his rivalry with Del Rio.

    So then we have a need that Riley can fill. Many thought Miz may turn face because of the need. But that has since died down as Riley has risen from the ashes to become a very good superstar.

    I am very surprised at how well Riley has done and how he is able to get the crowd behind him. His pop at Capital Punishment was pretty good. For a young face to get this type of reaction is surprising and almost unheard of. Very few can do it.

    Riley is worth the risk to me.

    Keep his rivalry with Miz going, then when that ends, get a title on this guy. If it's secondary, that's fine. At least it's a title to get him on the move.

    I was shocked WWE gave him the win in his first PPV match over The Miz of all people. But, I'm sure it was because they wanted the story to continue.

    We shall see what happens. But to me, Riley looks to be on the rise, and the time to buy stock in this guy has never been better.

1: Truth Is, Cena Has the Kids Still Backing Him, and He Will Remain the Top Guy

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    This is no shock, and it doesn't seem like anyone will be wondering tomorrow about this either. But John Cena is going to remain the top guy.

    I think this match really got fans behind Cena more, because Truth had that "I don't like him" vibe. He's nuts, and kids don't understand it, so they will be ever more behind Cena. Kids and women will obviously still be his audience. But he proves time and time again that he can work a story.

    Truth has done well a lot during this rivalry.

    But the little Jimmy's finally got him and he lost his first WWE Title match in a funny fashion. Truth took a little boy's Cena hat and his drink. He had a drink of it and gave it back. The kid threw the drink on Truth and Cena threw him back in the ring and hit the AA.

    He then brought the kid in the ring to celebrate the win. Probably was the highlight of that kid's life.

    This was an overall okay match, but had good story telling. Truth helped make this match watchable and entertaining, proving he can hang with the top guys.

    I think we'll see more from Truth, but not much in WWE Title status. This match could happen again at Money in the Bank, seeing as there are a lot of guys who will be in the MITB match for RAW and there would be a need.

    But it's up in the air. I'm sure Truth will cite conspiracy and the RAW GM will grant a rematch. But it all depends on the situation. Tonight MITB qualifying matches will be going on. Truth may be in one and win. So we'll know more tonight.

    Either way, WWE proves once again why Cena is at the top and will stay there.