WWE Capitol Punishment Results: 20 Things We Learned

LewisAnalyst IIIJune 20, 2011

WWE Capitol Punishment Results: 20 Things We Learned

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    With a total of eight matches taking place at WWE Capitol Punishment, there was something bound to be learnt.

    And I have found 20 things, We learned after viewing the latest WWE pay-per-view and with the next pay-per-view being Money in the Bank, perhaps the stronger booked wrestlers at Capitol Punishment may have a Money in the Bank win which thrusts them into the limelight.

    Let's get it started!

Kofi Kingston's Rise to the Top Is Still Halted

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    Kofi Kingston lost a mid-card title for the uncountable time against Dolph Ziggler.

    The WWE Draft really screwed up the mic-card scenes as they basically have been switch to the other brands, Dolph Ziggler beating Kofi was something I remember on Smackdown....

    The way Kofi got beat was a via the Sleeper hold which made Kofi "unconscious" which led the referee to declare Dolph as the brand new champ!

    What next from here is anyone's guess, but I can firmly say Kofi's main event dreams are shattered for the time being. 

Dolph Ziggler Is United States Champion but Does It Mean Anything?

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    Dolph Ziggler as United States Champion wasn't something I really cared about.

    It's not that I dislike Ziggler but I've been wanting WWE to put that belt on Jack Swagger which he can go about being an "All-American American" United States Champion.

    With Ziggler, I'm never sure with him. One moment I really like him and currently I'm just "meh" about him and sadly I feel his title reign will be a horrible one.

    He only has Kofi Kingston and John Morrison as contenders, two feuds which happened on Smackdown.

Is Alex Riley in a Push for the Top?

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    With a beat-down from the Miz throughout the match and with A-Ry picking up the victory, I would expect a rematch at the following PPV.

    But with the Next being Money in the Bank, I can see both of them being participants in the RAW Ladder match furthermore Alex Riley winning the match wouldn't shock me and with a win over a top Star in the Company. We can definitely assume WWE has big plans for him.  

Whats Happening with the Miz?

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    Miz has dropped down quite considerably, from being this 'must see' WWE Champion to being beat by Alex Riley, The Miz hasn't got much to look forward to.

    I can't see him winning money in the bank so it looks like after being in the RAW MITB match, the Miz/riley feud will continue. 

Big Show: A Big Mess

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    Big Show lost To Alberto Del Rio but not in the way we expected.

    Mark Henry, literally crippled the Big Show with a World Strongest Slam through the Spanish Announce teams' table and with some attacks to the knee which was "ran over" Big Show was unable to walk properly.

    Alberto Del Rio won in such a way I can barely remember which clearly shows this whole match did more for Mark Henry than ADR.

Alberto Del Rio Wins but Does This Feud Continue?

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    When a feud reaches it's end, The face usually wins which in turn leaves the heel to lose.

    Although Alberto Del Rio won as a heel I feel this feud is over because I wouldn't put it past WWE to make a Mark Henry/Big Show feud happen.

    I say such thing because Del Rio's win was shadowed by Mark Henry's complete alienation of Big Show.

    ( I just had to read up how ADR won to remind myself  as I could only remember Mark Henry's part and Del rio being declared winner.)

    The win was cheap in my view and didn't nothing for ADR.

    Sadly, I want him to feud with Cena but I also want R-Truth in the main event picture also.

Ezekiel Jackson: Intercontinental Champion

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    New Intercontinental Champion and his promo with Lawler was somewhat embarrassing to watch.

    I always felt he could talk on the mic, but after this—I'm not looking forward to the next time he does.... 

Wade Barrett Should Have Had Such a Better Run

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    Wade Barrett is someone I like—he is a big Man which WWE likes yet can perform in entertaining matches which is rare for the new WWE big man (Big Zeke, Mason Rya etc).

    So when he got the IC title, I felt he was going to have a great run—he didn't.

    And anyhow Big Zeke gets a better reign is beyond me...

    In addition, Wade's promo before the start of the match was something which got the crowd immediatley on Zeke's side.

    I think we've learnt WWE prefer Big useless wrestlers rather than Big Talented Wrestlers. 

Rey Mysterio Lost so Is He Set to Win Next?

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    I think I know how WWE and CM Punk are splitting up and Rey Mysterio is going to be helping too.

    CM Punk won the match at Capitol Punishment which already sets up a match next month (July is rumored to be Punk's last), Rey will beat Punk in a loser leaves WWE match.

    Mark my words.

CM Punk Wins on PPV- the Last Time Was Extreme Rules 2010

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    CM Punk has finally won on PPV!

    I truly feel that speaks a million things

Randy Orton Is Still Champion and I'll Doubt He Lose It Anytime Soon

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    The Championship is still with Orton (boo) under dodgy circumstances but hopefully those circumstances aid Christian in another match next month (something i'll talk more about in the next slide).

    Orton was making out he has some effects of his concussion with unsteady movements and eye movement not usually associated with the Viper however even with a concussion during the match (as the commentators were building it) he still beat Christian.

    Super Cena, hell no—super Orton.

Christian Loses but Technically He Never Lost!

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    Christian should have never lost.

    I'm referring to the Orton/Christian match last night, when the Viper RKO'ed Christian and covered for the pin, Christian's left leg was under the rope however the ref counted to three and marked Randy Orton as Chmapion still.

    This will be brought up on Smackdown and will have eventually lead to another match.

    We've learnt Christian and Orton's feud with last another month, anyone smelling Summerslam as to when Christian regains the title?

Evan Bourne on Pay-Per-View

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    Evan Bourne was in a "special attraction match" with Jack Swagger; a decent match but the crowd was dead and didn't really seem lively all night until the Cena love/hate chants began.

    Evan Bourne won which probably means another two-minute match on RAW.

Jack Swagger Loses to Evan Bourne and This Rivalry Continues

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    The rivalry continues as the WWE will bill this as an "upset victory."

    That picture above really seems like a lifetime away.

John Cena Retains and Who Is His Next PPV Match Against?

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    Is it only me who really enjoyed this match?

    The match could have been a lot better but the fact that R-Truth was in the main event made me pretty excited, Christian and R-Truth were the only reasons I bought this PPV and they both lost (I was happy Punk won though).

    R-Truth had a decent showing hopefully it leads to another match down the line perhaps at Money in the Bank because if he drops down, The excellent Truth segments won't be as many.

    Alberto Del rio is scheduled to win the WWE Title of Cena at Summerslam. That was reported a few months back—I'm beginning to wonder has Del Rio got a shot at the MITB match now?

R-Truth Gets Watered Down and Losses but Will He Get a Rematch?

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    I hope R-Truth get another match with Cena because I truly feel he should be in the main event picture and I'm happy people are seeing that too.

    The ending of the match somewhat seems that the feud was only for the month but I feel the WWE are attempting to push him up the ladder and keep him up there.

    Perhaps someone as a Rey Mysterio Character who is able elevate up to the title scene if they need him but is usually an upper mid-card guy.

No Sin Cara

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    Sin Cara wasn't on the PPV so it looks like WWE are playing the waiting game until Averno comes in to help out Sin Cara.

    Besides, I wouldn't be surprised if Averno looks better than Sin Cara, anyone else getting that feeling?

Money in the Bank Matches Predictions Based on Capitol Punisment

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    RAW MITB predictions:

    Alex Riley

    R-Truth, as a way to get back into the Title picture after being kicked out due to these conspiracies. (The Shocker)

    Alberto Del Rio, It would be a great way for him to instantly get into a program with Cena without actually wrestling Cena. Perhaps he could just keep saying he will cash it in when Cena is down that way, Trurth can still have a month or two with Cena before SummerSlam comes around.


    Smackdown MITB Predictioons:

    Christian, if he can't have another match for the World title, WWE can book him to win MITB which will end in his quest to become a two time World champion in WWE.

    Cody Rhodes (The shocker)

    Wade Barrett perhaps? 

Who Came out as Stars

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    R Truth: He had a great showing against John Cena.

    Mark Henry: He pummeled the Big Show, doesn't get much bigger than that.

    Alex Riley: He beat the former WWE Champion.

Who Came out as Suckas

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    Alberto Del Rio: In My opinion, his match didn't do anything for him.

    Kofi Kingston:

    Wade Barrett: He only had one thing by his side and now that's gone.

    The Bellas: What the hell was they doing with the guy in the Ravishing Rick Rude shirt? 

    Booker T: Apparently, there was a Barack Obama look-a-like around and he did a skit with Booker which ended with a Spinaroonie and a Barak-o-ronnie? (I watched the UK replay and it never aired) 

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