WWE Capitol Punishment Results: What We Learned from Randy Ortons Win

Alex Hall@@AlexKHallCorrespondent IIIJune 20, 2011

Capitol Punishment came and went and the results of the Randy Orton vs Christian match remained the same as they have the past several times these two superstars have locked up: Randy Orton was victorious.

Despite fans rallying behind Christian when he faced Alberto Del Rio for the vacated World title after Christian's longtime friend Edge was forced to retire and elated when Christian walked out as Champion, it would take just 5 days for Randy Orton to snatch the title from Christian's hands.

Since Orton's sudden title run, the two superstars have been involved in a feud spanning over the past two pay-per-view events, both resulting in defeats for Christian.

Orton's victory tonight at Capitol Punishment goes to show that this rivalry between "The Viper" and "Captain Charisma" is far from over and that the two will most likely continue going at it until the next pay-per-view.

Ultimately I can see this storyline leading to a more lengthy title reign for Christian than his previous one, considering the fact that as a performer he's certainly paid enough dues to hold the belt for a significant amount of time, and if Christian defeats Orton then there's certainly room for this current feud to continue and go into a different direction with Orton then becoming the challenger.

The fact that Christian has turned heel during this rivalry with Orton further helps the storyline because if Christian does become champion at the next event, then the fans can route for Orton to regain the title while Friday Night Smackdown is able to continue showcasing two of the only true elite superstars they have on their roster at the moment.

The Christian/Orton storyline has been an entertaining one and has certainly lead to some interesting twists and turns. I think WWE Creative seems to realize that this story has an interesting dynamic in the fact that though Christian is technically a heel, Orton isn't the stereotypical face, so there's room for both superstars to act as a heel. For example, Orton won the match tonight, but only because the referee didn't see Captain Charisma's foot beneath the bottom rope which isn't exactly a valiant victory.

Creative realizes this is a unique storyline and they seem to want to see how far they can take this idea, which is why the match ended in controversy tonight, so that the Christian can complain about the ending and demand another shot at the title, which he'll end up getting of course at the next pay-per-view.

There are many interesting dynamics to this storyline due to the fact neither superstar is the stereotypical face or heel that we're used to seeing in the wrestling world. Despite Christian's heel status there were more than one "let's go Christian!" chants this past Friday on Smackdown and Orton may be a fan favorite, but he has used his lethal punt maneuver and retained his title amid controversy all in one week.

It seems this storyline is far from over, with Capitol Punishment showing us that Christian and Orton are destined to battle for the championship sometime soon down the road, with plenty of twists and turns still left to be played out.