WWE Capitol Punishment 2011: 5 Things We Learned from the Results

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIJune 20, 2011

WWE Capitol Punishment 2011: 5 Things We Learned from the Results

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    Happy Fathers's Day everyone!

    Another WWE event is now set to be archived and from what we witnessed last night, some of my predictions came true exactly as I planned. 

    As surprised as I am though, Randy Orton is STILL the World Heavyweight Champion and The Miz actually lost. 

    I watched Dolph Ziggler become the new United States Champion after his victory over Goofy Kingston while being cheered on by a nice and slimmer Vickie Guerrero. Her exercise and eating routine is working. Good for her!

    There were many things to watch for at this event as it would set the stage for what could be coming to WWE this summer.

    Unfortunately, some things were less than desirable.

    What can we deduct from tonight's event?

Our Second Tier Champions Will Be Transitional

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    With Dolph Ziggler and Ezekiel Jackson your new US and IC Champions respectively you have to wonder, what great mid-card superstars are going to take those belts away now.

    My guess is: Evan Bourne perhaps and Cody Rhodes for sure.

    I never wanted Wade Barrett to have that belt in the first place so now with a "face" as champion, all is in place for the "Shattered One" to have a crack at the gold.

    Much better character anyway and it will be nice to see how he unseats Big Zeke, whom I am so happy he won. I had said before, we needed more black champions.

    After watching the Ziggler/Goofy match, I reconfirmed as to why I like Dolph better. He planted Kingston with a superb drop kick, everyone in the audience went wow! Even in the theater where I was, people were in awe at the sight of it.

    Vickie Guerrero is still paired with Dolph Ziggler. How will that affect his new title reign?

    Next month is Money In The Bank. That allows the "IWC" whiners to place their hopes on Kofi Kingston and Wade Barret as the ones who will claim the briefcases. Yeah right!

    They are freed of the championship but not from mid-card hell. If WWE doesn't give them the victory at MITB then you can bet they are pretty much going to be mid-carders for another little while.

    I doubt that is Wade Barrett's fate but Kofi...mid-carder 4 life!

Something Big Is Coming for The Miz

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    I can't believe it either Mike.
    I can't believe it either Mike.

    The feud had the right build up, the match itself was pretty good...the wrong guy won. Simple as that!

    What does it all mean now? 

    With Alex Riley being the winner in his first pay per view match, it makes me wonder how long this rivalry will continue.

    There is no need to wonder when A-Ri's victory would come, it already happened, so now The Miz needs to rethink his strategy and come up with a new way to defeat his foe.

    I recently watched the video promo of SummerSlam which was narrated by and starring yours truly, the "Awesome One." Things may look bleak for him now but come the event in Los Angeles, the situation can be totally different.

    Could The Miz be sent packing to Smackdown? Could he be the holder of the MITB briefcase again?

    The fact that this is his third pay per view loss in a row tells me he is in for some major good luck soon. Just like Sheamus earlier this year.

    Tonight is a three-hour special on RAW. If the power is truly to the people than expect a rematch between them. I am certain people would vote for that.

    Next time they collide, Alex Riley will not be so lucky!

WWE Needs a New Creative Team

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    Do people think we are stupid or something?

    What the heck was that whole President Obama segment about anyway? What a total waste of time not to mention, pay per view killer.

    Instead of having a Divas match, we had to suffer through that. Mind you, the Divas division and its matches have been of some lesser quality these last few months but still, it would have been 100 times better.

    Who does WWE Creative think all these shenanigans cater to? I certainly didn't want that right before the main event.

    This and the impromptu match between Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger...the crowd could not have been more asleep.

    Very bad booking I say. These guys should look for a new line of work and let some of us take their places.

    Next time you think Divas matches are pointless, please remind yourselves what transpired last night. 

    There will surely be more moments like that...sigh!

    ***A note...We saw the Bella Twins escort the Beer guy to his seat...Interesting word for them...escorts or Celebrity.. (insert bad word here)

    Now I reconfirmed as to why I really dislike them.

John Cena Pulls Yet Another Superman Act

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    This guy drives me nuts!
    This guy drives me nuts!

    This match didn't deserve that last spot in the card.

    It was alright but R-Truth was running the show until he left to get water thrown in his face by a "little Jimmy" and then suddenly, a fresh and re-powered John Cena emerges and throws him in the ring to deliver the "Attitude Adjustment" and score the winning pinfall.

    I am so shocked! I never thought that would happen. Is my sarcasm obvious?

    John SuperCena just kills everything for us. There is never that actual belief he can lose clean. That is so unfortunate.

    During the night, I noticed and informed the party that accompanied me on something. When the crowd was chanting its usual "Let's go Cena-Cena Sucks!" chants, it was amazing to hear only kids yelled for Superman.

    Not even in the theater were there grown up Cena fans...alright, maybe two or three, it was dark and I couldn't see well.

    The fans' cheer wars...the most interesting thing about that whole match.

    I already wrote a piece on how R-Truth never stood a chance in hell. It was confirmed last night.

    With this clean pin and no apparent reason for a rematch, since John Morrison cannot be used as an excuse for Truth's loss, I hope this feud is over.

    R-Truth is not as over as you'd want him to be and this leaves a perfect opening for a far more worthy challenger for Cena's championship in CM PUNK! 

WWE Should Have Listened to Me

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    Leave the President at the door next time!
    Leave the President at the door next time!

    The predictions I had made earlier were well received and like I said in a previous slide, the crowd was dead after the Orton-Christian match because of the "bonus" material.

    Randy Orton and his challenger Christian had a really good match and they should have been allowed to close the show.

    It certainly would have been different from the usual John Cena-poses-with-the-troops image we see every month.

    Does that man always have to get his way? Compare the two World title matches, which one would YOU have placed at the very top of the card?

    I would have placed the Miz-Riley match just before the end as to keep everyone awake. Let's be honest here, it was one of the most anticipated matches of the card. Holding it off until later would have been so much better.

    If you watched the show, I am sure you know what I am talking about. The fans were silent, the ambiance totally dies down after Orton's win. It is too bad because it was an interesting pay per view in my opinion.

    My surprises of the night: Kofi loses the United States title and Riley defeats Miz.

    Other than that, it was pretty much as I expected.

Next Month Is History in the Making

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    Well, that's about it folks.

    I hope you enjoyed your Fathers' Day week end and Capitol Punishment last night.

    All in all, it wasn't a bad show. I would have booked things a little different in order to keep us interested the WHOLE time but hey!...I can write about it and receive everyone's comments below, which I really enjoy.

    In one month's time is the spectacular Money In The Bank pay per view. It will be a night of surprises and it will be filled with action.

    Looking back at who won and lost their matches last night, what do YOU think is on the horizon?

    What about tonight's special episode of RAW? Should we expect the unexpected?