WWE Capitol Punishment Results: Lil' Jimmy Screws Truth and 10 Things We Learned

Buzz M.@@KingofbuzzersAnalyst IJune 20, 2011

WWE Capitol Punishment Results: Lil' Jimmy Screws Truth and 10 Things We Learned

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    Photo copyright to WWE.com
    Photo copyright to WWE.com

    Hello, Buzzers. Buzz is back.

    Capitol Punishment is now over and I think it was a decent PPV with a few good matches. Maybe not the type of event we all wanted but it was definitely better than Over the Limit.

    Money in the Bank is coming up next, and I'm really looking forward to this event as it has one of my favorite matches.

    I guess you're all familiar with my post-event articles. In the next slides, I'll break down several things we learned from the event.

    So without further introduction, let the show begin.

    (All photos are courtesy of WWE.com)

Special Mention: US President Barack Obama Attended the Show (Well, Not Exactly)

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    I don't know what was the point behind all those segments. I don't even know what to write here. I understand that this PPV was in Washington, D.C., and that all the vignettes featured mock press conferences for Obama. Even the event poster featured him alongside John Cena and Rey Mysterio.

    First, the fake Barack Obama appeared twice backstage with Vickie Guerrero, Sgt. Slaughter, Santino Marella, Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly, and then he appeared in the ring for a small segment with Booker T where he did the spin-a-rooni, or should I say Barack-o-rooni.

    Well, the US President attended the PPV since it's close to him. That was the message I guess.

    P.S.: This isn't counted among the things we learned from the event. I just wanted to give it a mention and now we can get started. 

1. There Were No Tag Team or Divas Matches

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    I don't know what's more annoying here: Watching WWE randomly throw matches for the Divas and the tag teams in the PPV and give us chaotically booked contests, or not having any matches from both divisions booked for the PPV.

    Most tag team PPV matches in the past were added as last-minute announcements and they were short and not really good.

    As for the Divas, I don't need to remind you about the two to three-minute matches they have on RAW, SmackDown and even on PPVs. We rarely saw a good Divas match on a PPV during the last months and we can blame WWE for this. They only have good matches on Superstars nowadays and that's not saying much since the majority doesn't even watch it.

    Anyway, the Divas Champion, Brie Bella and the tag team champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty (New Nexus) weren't booked for any match last night.

    What were your thoughts? Were you sad not see them? Or was it okay since most of their matches end quickly and are randomly booked?

2. Dolph Ziggler Is Back on the Market

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    Ever since Dolph Ziggler got fired from SmackDown, he severely went down the hill. He did return to RAW few weeks later, but got stuck in the Snooki angle heading into WrestleMania 27.

    Later, Vickie Guerrero introduced him with a "new and improved" look. He had his hair cut short and dyed brown. However, he only had very few matches before disappearing again. In my opinion, this look was nothing special. His blond and long hair made him more unique.

    Fortunately, he re-bleached his hair again few weeks ago and now he's back to his normal look. And it seems that now he's back to the same rivalry he had last year against Kofi Kingston. The two different things this time are the brand and the title.

    Last year, they were both on SmackDown feuding for the intercontinental title, while this year they're on Raw feuding for the US Title. Other than this, everything else looks the same and even Vickie Guerrero is still with Ziggler.

    Wait, I think something is missing here. Yes, it's Kaitlyn. Maybe some guys would like to see her again?

    Will they face each other in a long series of matches similar to last year? I don't know, but I'm sure that Kingston will get a rematch and we can see how things go from there.

    The match was good, and I don't think anybody can expect a bad match from both superstars. Ziggler was able to make use of Guerrero's help and lock the sleeper hold on Kingston for the win.

    Whether it was a filler match or a major one (yeah right), Ziggler is back after vanishing for a while and he can brag about adding a new title to his resume. I wonder if his relationship with Guerrero will continue. 

3. Alex Riley Is on the Rise and Miz Is Starting To Lose Momentum

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    Many people expected Miz to defeat his former rookie last night. However, Alex Riley was able to keep the momentum he built after attacking Miz last night.

    Furthermore, the fans reaction for him was really great. Now the reason for this might be that he's from Washington, D.C., which seemed to have surprised many people including the fans in the arena, but he's been getting a good reaction for weeks now. Of course, attacking an annoying heel like Miz definitely helped him here.

    However, it's really interesting to see how Riley was able to rise fast here. He showed a lot of potential during his time at NXT 2, but his role on Raw made many people wonder if he'll ever make it to the top. Had you asked a WWE fan about his expectations for A-Ry few months ago, he wouldn't have expected anything close to his current status.

    To make things better for Riley, it was reported by TMZ.com that he has been cleared of all charges stemming from driving under the influence last year. Things are looking good for him, that's for sure.

    As for Miz, the interview segment with Todd Grisham prior to the match sums it all. Grisham asked him about his thoughts about critics asking if he'll be able to beat Riley. Miz's response was, "Is this how far my career has stunk in the last month?"

    I think that many of his fans are asking the same question. And things only got worse for him after last night. Now, I don't think he went down the hill and that WWE dropped the ball with him. It's not the first time we've seen him lose some momentum. Remember his matches against Daniel Bryan last year? He was the Money in the Bank winner, and yet, he was losing. To be fair, he did put on a good performance last night and was dominant most of the time.

    I guess we'll have to wait and see before making such judgments about his future, but for now, he's definitely not on the right track.

4. Alberto Del Rio Escaped a Destiny Knockout and Revived His Momentum

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    First, I have to say that this match was somehow disappointing. It was short and most of the action was outside before the match officially started.

    As soon as Alberto Del Rio made his entrance, Big Show rushed from behind and brutally attacked the Mexican aristocrat. However, Mark Henry came out of nowhere and attacked Show. He focused on his supposedly injured leg (I thought he injured his right leg) before slamming him through the announcer's table.

    Later, Show entered the ring and the match began. After a brief time of back-and-forth action, Del Rio locked a submission hold on Show's leg. He kept the hold for a while before finally breaking it.

    But the damage had already been done. Big Show wasn't able to stand up which made the referee end the match and announce Alberto as the winner.

    I guess that Mark Henry's interference saved Del Rio from an inevitable knockout. The match could have gone in a different direction had it not been for Henry's appearance.

    Del Rio lost a lot of momentum following Extreme Rules two months ago. After moving to Raw, he was supposed to face Rey Mysterio, but due to John Morrison's injury, the plans were changed. R-Truth faced Mysterio instead, while Del Rio was left with no match at Over the Limit.

    His rivalry with Big Show started next after Ricardo Rodriguez accidentally ran over Show as he was driving one of Del Rio's cars.

    This led to their match at Capitol Punishment last night. Many people were starting to believe that Del Rio was going down the hill. However, things are different now.

    Sure, the victory wasn't the way many people wanted, but it was still good to help Del Rio regain some momentum.

    What will happen next? Will he start chasing his destiny again? Or will he have more troubles on his way?

    I wrote a preview for this match prior to the PPV. You can click here and check it.

5. Another Cross-Brand Feud Might Be Coming Soon

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    Mark Henry attacked Big Show prior to his match. Henry did this as revenge for what Show did to him on SmackDown last week.

    As you all know, Show brutally attacked Henry last week before knocking him out. The world's strongest man had to leave on a stretcher after this.

    Now both superstars are even. Will this lead to a new rivalry? Will Kane be involved?

    Big Show seemed unable to compete after his match last night. Will Henry feud with Kane instead? It is possible as both superstars are on SmackDown. But what if Big Show returned soon? Will he go after Henry? If this happens, then we might see a new cross-brand rivalry as Show is part of the Raw roster.

6. Ezekiel Jackson Got His Revenge and Wade Barret Seems To Be Lost

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    Ezekiel Jackson was finally able to get his revenge and defeat Wade Barret last night. After weeks of being attacked by the Corre, Jackson was able to prevail.

    He was able to win with no outside interference after Barret's former partners left him two weeks ago. He is now your new intercontinental champion. That's his second championship ever in WWE. But this time he'll be able to defend it, unlike the ECW title he won on the final episode of ECW.

    As for Barret, things are really looking horrible for him. Corre has ended and he lost the intercontinental title that he barely defended. I wonder what's next for him.

    Before the match, Barret cut a nice heel promo and told the fans that in 20 years, they'll all be speaking Chinese. Even though both Superstars are not Americans, a USA chant broke out during the match. I guess it was directed towards Barret for what he said.

7. The Fans Want Zack Ryder

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    During the match between Ezekiel Jackson and Wade Barret, a "We want Ryder" chant broke through the crowd. It was really interesting to hear. Ryder commented on this via his Twitter account and said, "WE WANT RYDER chants at the PPV? I can't confirm this. I am not there."

    For weeks, Zack Ryder has been able to build a decent fanbase due to his YouTube web series, "Z!, True Long Island Story." Those chants last night just proved that he's gaining popularity.

    But will WWE listen and take notice? I'm not sure about it. I mean, they didn't allow him to appear on Raw last week even though it was in his hometown. Were they worried that he might receive a loud reaction? So what? Is it the first time we see a certain Superstar get a loud pop in his hometown?

    It will be interesting to see how things will evolve with Ryder in the coming weeks.

8. CM Punk Finally Ended His Ridiculous PPV Losing Streak

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    CM Punk was finally able to end his ridiculous PPV losing streak after more than one year. His last win was at Extreme Rules (2010) last year. Since then, he's been losing in every single PPV match.

    Whether in singles matches, tag team matches and even cross-brand elimination matches, he always found himself on the losing side. His losing streak started at Over the Limit (2010) and continued until Over the Limit (2011). Weird, isn't it?

    Both Punk and Rey Mysterio put on a great performance. In the end, Punk blocked a 619 and hit the GTS for the win.

    This was probably one of the best matches of the PPV besides Christian vs. Randy Orton.

    So what is next for Punk after this impressive victory? Is he going to challenge Cena for the WWE title? Is he still going to leave at the end of the summer as the rumors are saying?

    Prior to the match, Punk cut a promo and said that he is going to do the most honest thing the WWE Universe has ever seen after the match. He did nothing but it will be interesting to see the meaning of this.

9. Randy Orton Snatched a Controversial Win and the Rivalry Might Continue

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    Again, Randy Orton and Christian were able to put on another great match. I guess it's normal to expect exciting matches from those Superstars by now. They have good chemistry together.

    After hitting an RKO out of nowhere, Orton went for the pinfall. However, Christian's feet was under the rope and the referee still made the count without noticing it.

    After the match, Christian argued with the referee for a short time as Orton struck him with the belt.

    Personally, I'm enjoying this feud and the reason isn't only because of the matches. The whole storyline here is interesting.

    Will Christian ask for a rematch after this? I mean, if he does, he has a good excuse. Ever since his heel turn, Christian has been claiming that everybody is against him. The controversial ending to this match will only make him more frustrated.

    If he doesn't get a title shot, he might join R-Truth as a victim of conspiracy theory.

    Anyway, what do you think? Will we see another match between both Superstars? Things will be clearer later this week.

10. Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger Got a PPV Match

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    Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger got a PPV match last night. Both Superstars haven't been booked for any PPV singles match in months so it was refreshing to see them again in this bonus special match.

    This wasn't the first time we've seen them face each other, as they're already involved in a developing rivalry. Bourne was able to win following a roll up.

    The match was decent. It could have been better for sure. Anyway, I'm sure that both superstars will be part of the Money in the Bank Ladder match in the coming PPV.

    Other rising Superstars like Cody Rhodes, Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan weren't booked for the PPV. Hopefully we'll see more from them next time.

Main Topic: Little Jimmy Struck Back and Cenation Rules

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    John Cena won again. R-Truth should have known that messing with the "Little Jimmys" would backfire on him. Cena is still your WWE champion.

    R-Truth had more than one segment during the PPV while holding the WWE title belt. He made it clear to everybody that he won't leave without the title.

    The match wasn't bad but it was the typical Cena-style match where he makes a comeback after getting a tough beating. However, his comeback was different this time. It came with the help of a dedicated Cenation member at ringside.

    In the closing moments of the match, Truth went ringside and grabbed a drink from "Little Jimmy" and drank it. But Jimmy caught the drink out of nowhere and threw it in his face. Cena came down next and tossed Truth back to the ring before hitting the Attitude Adjustment for the win.

    "Lil' Jimmy" joined Cena and they both celebrated to close the show.

    What will Truth do now? He's been attacking all the little Jimmys for weeks, but one of them cost him the match. Things are more serious now.

    We'll have to wait and see what happens next. Until then, Cenation rules.

A Note on Tonight's Special 3-Hour Raw

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    Tonight, Raw will be a Power to the People three-hour special episode. Stone Cold Steve Austin announced it after a brief segment that involved him with Michael Cole and Raw's anonymous GM last week. It is said that we'll have the power to book matches.

    I hope you don't set your hopes high for this. Remember Raw's viewer's choice last year? Remember how Michael Cole kept saying that we choose the stipulations and contenders?

    What happened? It only turned out to be another show similar to Taboo Tuesday and Cyber Sunday where they give us options to choose from them. And most options were really horrible.

    I had high hopes for the show last year and I wrote a preview article about it. Unfortunately, it ended up being nothing more than a dream that never occurred. You can read it here.

    I also wrote my reaction to the episode after it ended and you can see it here.

    I won't have any hopes for this episode tonight.

The End

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    All thoughts and comments are welcome.

    Thank you.