DeShon Marman Video: Watch Lobos Fooball Player Get Grilled by US Airways Staff

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 19, 2011

DeShon Marman was taken from a U.S. Airways flight headed back to his campus in New Mexico last week. 

The New Mexico defensive back was reportedly told a few times to pick up his pants. The pants were said to have hung well below his belt line, exposing his underwear. 

Fashion statement or not, the sight caused a few U.S. Airways employees to pick up his pants prior to boarding the flight. It is unclear what happened after that. Many of the elements in the story are skewed and biased by who is telling them. 

To some, Marman promised to pick up his pants once he was granted a free hand. To others, he was a defiant youth who claimed that he didn't have to take recommendations from airline employees. 

We now have insight into three minutes of the ordeal. A YouTube video shows Marman being confronted by what looks like the plane's captain and a security personnel. 

While Marman does speak over the other two gentlemen, you can hardly call him defiant and rebellious. Throughout the video, he claims the issue is dead and that he is ready to go home. 

The truth may lie in the middle. Marman did himself no favors by not lifting his pants up sooner. On the other hand, the airlines can hardly start policing fashion. 

While tacky, Marman didn't break FAA regulations by looking like a mess. We thank the advent of cell phone videos for allowing insight into an ordeal that would have otherwise remained a mystery.