Raw's Record Breaking 800th Episode—Three Hour Edition

George ButcherCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2008

Next Monday night, is a speacial three hour edition of Raw celebrating its record breaking 800th episode.

As found out this past week on Raw, John Morrison and The Miz will take DX in tag action. Morrison and Miz told us that DX would have to start becoming jealous of the two after they beat them. Personally myself, I hope that doesn't happen, as DX are great. For some reason however, i have a feeling that this could well be where DX break up again and turn on one another.

WWE.com told us that Charlie Haas would be impersonating someone new on this episode, and it would be great. I personally couldn't care less about Haas, but this is all his choice.

We also found out that Batista will be defending his new World title against Chris Jericho, in a steel cage match. Jericho demanded his rematch for next week, and Ademle came out and told him that he would be locked inside a cage with the animal.

Will Jericho be able to regain his old World title? or will the animal be able to keep the title for longer?