NFL: 10 Stadiums That Will Need an Upgrade After 2011

Joe IannelloAnalyst IIIJune 20, 2011

NFL: 10 Stadiums That Will Need an Upgrade After 2011

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    Teams and cities spend millions and even billions of dollars on their NFL stadiums. Building a stadium that is fan-friendly and appealing can be a critical factor in a team's success (or failures) for a long time.

    A nice stadium can bring in huge revenue for a team, and in turn, the ownership can use that money to keep their top talent and sign marquee free agents.

    But which stadiums could use some work?

    Here are 10 NFL stadiums that are due for an upgrade after the 2011 season.

10: St. Louis Rams- Edward Jones Dome

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    The St. Louis Rams have one of the brightest young stars in the NFL today with Sam Bradford. They also have a fairly young stadium in the Edward Jones Dome, which was built in 1995.

    It's pretty amazing that a stadium this new can be nationally considered to be terrible. has the Edward Jones Dome ranked as the worst stadium in the NFL.

    I guess Isaac Bruce, Kurt Warner and the rest of "The Greatest Show on Turf" really did tear up the field.

    If the Edward Jones Dome does not rank in the top eight NFL stadiums by 2015, the Rams will be allowed to move their franchise elsewhere. If that doesn't scream "fix me, fix me," then I don't know what does.

    St. Louis is a great sports town with some of the most passionate fans in America. They deserve to watch their team someplace better, like their living room sofa.

    The Edward Jones Dome ladies and gentleman.

9- Jacksonville Jaguars- Everbank Field

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    Everbank Stadium has a lot of things that are really positive. On the other hand, there is a reason that Yahoo ranked the Jacksonville Jaguars' stadium as the third worst in the NFL.

    I will say that the atmosphere outside the stadium is superb, and tailgating with the Jaguars faithful is a real treat. The stadium really looks beautiful from the outside, but the interior doesn't quite match up.

    With the newer stadiums going all-out on technology, the Jaguars would be smart to follow in their footsteps.

8: Detroit Lions- Ford Field

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    Ford Field is on this list for different reasons than the other nine stadiums. Ford Field has been home to the Detroit Lions since 2002, some of the worst seasons in franchise history.

    The Lions have some of the most talented players in the entire NFL in Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford and Ndamukong Suh, but they still haven't been able to reach that playoffs since they began playing at Ford Field.

    Maybe a change of scenery (or an upgrade) is just what the doctor ordered. I'm sure Calvin Johnson wouldn't mind a giant video screen.

    Lions' fans, if your team is getting blown out by halftime, just try saying (or spelling) Ndamukong 10 times. You will have a blast.

7- Chicago Bears- Soldier Field

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    Looking at the field conditions of Soldier Field reminds me of playing in the mud when I was five years old. The problem with Soldier Field is that the playing surface is terrible even when it's not raining.

    It almost seems like the Chicago Bears prefer the field to be torn up, so their strengths can be maximized. The Bears are a team that is most successful when they pound the football and make opposing offenses one-dimensional.

    Well their field has both of those areas covered, as the poor playing conditions can often take speedy players out of the game faster than Brian Urlacher. 

    Soldier Field has one of the greatest names of any stadium in professional sports, but their playing surface is undoubtedly one of the worst.

6: Miami Dolphins- Sun Life Stadium

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    It's a bit mind-boggling that sunny Miami, Florida could have such a horrendous stadium, but that is exactly what they have in Sun Life Stadium. The Florida Marlins are ready to bolt from this stadium and the Miami Dolphins should be next.

    Was anyone really surprised that painting the seats orange did not help in filling them with people?

5: San Francisco 49ers- Candlestick Park

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    Adding Candlestick Park to this list was a no-brainer. Luckily, the 49ers and their fans have been approved for a new stadium to be built in Santa Clara, California.

    The stadium looks to be gorgeous and construction will begin in March 2012.

    Back to Candlestick Park, it was built in 1960 and has always been recognized as a traffic nightmare. Poor sight-lines, terrible weather and an under-performing team can make the locals pretty restless.

    A new stadium can not come soon enough to the Bay Area.

4: Oakland Raiders- Oakland Alameda County Coliseum

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    Something is seriously wrong with the stadiums in California and you need to look no further than Oakland Alameda County Coliseum. Raider Nation has had to endure this stadium for far too long.

    Oakland Alameda County Coliseum has been around since 1966 and "Mount Davis" has been embarrassing Raider fans since 1996. The 10,000-seat upper-level addition is an absolute disgrace.

    Not only does it look tacky, but it also blocks what was once a really nice view of the Oakland hills.

    It is almost inexcusable that a stadium such as Oakland Alameda County Coliseum exists in this day and age. This stadium needs to be torn down (fall down?) not upgraded.

3: San Diego Chargers- Qualcomm Stadium

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    Qualcomm Stadium is another California gem that has seemingly been around forever. Qualcomm Stadium was built in 1967, and is as bland looking as they come. It's a shame that a team that has some of the greatest uniforms (and helmets) in all of sports is stuck with such a generic stadium.

    San Diego is an absolutely gorgeous place to visit, but Qualcomm Stadium does nothing for the imagination.

    It's time for some major upgrades in San Diego, and a new stadium would be a good place to start.

2: Buffalo Bills- Ralph Wilson Stadium

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    When it rains it pours, doesn't it Buffalo? How could the Buffalo Bills possibly attract a marquee free agent to their franchise?

    The team is horrendous, the stadium is widely considered to be the most cramped in sports and the weather in Buffalo, New York isn't exactly paradise.

    At least the few luxury suites that Ralph Wilson Stadium has are really inexpensive and nice. See, it's not all bad.

    Buffalo has some of the most loyal fans in sports, and they deserve a lot better than Ralph Wilson Stadium.

1: Minnesota Vikings- Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome

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    Your dome collapses because of snow? What is it made out of, paper mache? The thing I don't understand is why do the Vikings need a dome in the first place?

    The Green Bay Packers, the Vikings most hated rivals, play in some of the worst elements in the league and they do not have a dome. In fact, it could be argued that a dome has instead hurt the Vikings franchise.

    They won four NFC Championships in the 1970's and they played outdoors. When they moved inside the Metrodome, their dominance came to an end.

    Their home-field advantage was lost and they became vulnerable to any team with speed.

    The Hubert is bland in so many ways and the Vikings really need to reconsider moving outdoors again. Big props to the Vikings for saying they will not renew their lease on the Metrodome after this season.