Junior Dos Santos, Strikeforce, Brock Lesnar and Today's MMA Buzz

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Junior Dos Santos, Strikeforce, Brock Lesnar and Today's MMA Buzz
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The best president in sports

With the summer suddenly upon us, MMA is about to spike in growth again.

When thinking about sports in the summer, three things generally come to mind: the heart of baseball season comes during the next three months, the NBA season—which some (myself included) believe doesn't end until after the draft—is still going on, and most importantly, the NFL offseason and training camps are underway. Football honks, like myself, scramble to their televisions on a nightly basis just to stay connected to free-agent signings, mini-camp battles, and the start of pre-season football.

Anyone see a problem here?

What happens when the draft is over and football is still locked out? Do you want to sit around on your couch watching lawyers debate about billions of dollars? If you haven't heard, after the NBA draft, basketball is most likely going to be in a lockout, too. Is there an answer to this madness?

Yes there is, my friends!

Zuffa, owner of UFC and Strikeforce, holds the key.

Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. Why wouldn't it be? People have watched fighters destroy each other going back to ancient times.

There are people in this world that do not like MMA because of the violence. Yes, it is violent, but it's violent for all the right reasons. There are some aspects of MMA that get overlooked—a light needs to be shined on them, now.

Have you ever seen the respect each fighter gives his opponent? The sportsmanship in MMA is unlike any other. Spend 15 minutes trying to knock someone out or submit them, then pick them up when the bout is over and give them a hug. It is hard to comprehend, but it happens all the time.

Fighters also show the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Have you ever seen the shape most of these guys are in? I would love to look like GSP, Jon Jones, or Urijah Faber. Their diets are impressive, and their work ethics are unmatched.

Remember, if they mess up in the ring, they have no one to blame it on but themselves. These men make no excuses—unless it's Tito Ortiz, and he just gets ignored.

So what's it going to be fans? Would you rather watch a courtroom battle between a "former" union and owners, or see two men, each at his physical prime, punch each other in the face?

That is what I thought, and that is why the MMA is about to get a huge boost in ratings this summer!

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