Pistons Frontcourt

Mark Eckhart Jr.Correspondent IOctober 27, 2008

The Detroit Pistons are coming off of 6 consecutive trips to the Eastern Conference Finals. Sounds good right? Wrong. They only have 1 championship ring in those 6 years and if they want that glory again, they will look to their new frontcourt look. I love the fact that Johnson gets the starting forward position because he reminds me a little bit of Ben Wallace except he blocks more shots, flies around in the paint, and can shoot free throws. McDyess deserved a shot to start last season, but coming off the bench with all of those young players will make the bench that much better because they will have that veteran presence to look up to. Prince has been to the conference finals every season he's been in the league so it's obvious he is vital to the Pistons starting five. We have seen how time after time, Prince seems to come up with unbelievable defensive stops, especially in the postseason.  As far as Rasheed goes, he needs to go back to the player he was when he came to Detroit in 2004 and helped us get that championship. He is almost 7 feet tall for a reason. The Pistons have plenty of perimeter shooting, and if the Pistons want to get back to the finals Rasheed needs to stay in the paint, post up defenders, crash the boards, and be that inside presence the Pistons have been lacking the past few seasons. As a whole, the Detroit big men are good, and can be great by season's end, if they put in the time and the effort. Johnson has a steep learning curve being thrust into the starting lineup, but with Billups, Hamilton, Prince, and Wallace around him, he's in very very good hands. I feel that if all of this comes together  , that the Pistons will be walking with a little pep in their step around downtown Motown.