Drew Brees: Fantasy Hero Or Goat?

Jacob NitzbergAnalyst IOctober 27, 2008

To a fantasy team without Drew Brees: a day with 339 yards, three TDs and no interceptions would be welcomed with open arms.  In most leagues, this accounts for 25 or more points, a fine individual performance by an every-week fantasy starting quarterback. 

However, there was one play on Sunday which paints the line between fantasy and reality in a vibrant yellow like the one we see on TV to mark the first down. 

With the Saints leading the Chargers 37-30 late in the fourth quarter, Brees did everything he could to run the clock down.  This included running backwards 26 yards into his own end zone for a safety.

As a Saints fan, one would praise this decision, as Brees made a smart move by taking precious seconds off the clock before giving the ball back to the Chargers.  As a fantasy owner, those negative 2.6 points may prove the difference between victory and defeat.

So how should a fantasy owner view this day from Brees?  If the match-up wasn't close, you can ignore that one play and take pride in a huge day from a consistent performer. 

If your match-up was close (and mine is if you haven't guessed yet), that -26 in the rush yards column sticks out far more than the 339 in the pass yards column.

My philosophy has always been reality first, fantasy second.  I root for the Bears no matter the fantasy implications.  This play, in reality, was the right move for Brees to make, but it could end up being the difference in my match-up and costing me a playoff spot.