Vernon Davis Gets a Fruit Basket from Mike Singletary (Humor)

Brittany BakerContributor IOctober 27, 2008

Mike Singletary got lucky a few times this past week, didn't he?

Surprise! You get a free shot at being the head coach for the San Francisco 49ers! Interim Head Coach. Just like that!

Well, I guess it isn't free. The man does deserve the position, and he's paid his dues. But that's not why he got lucky.

J.T. O'Sullivan was the first rabbit's foot that brought luck to Mike Singletary. His poor play and lackluster performance was what gave ol' Mike the perfect chance to make a stand.

So Mike seized the day! Out with the O'Sullivan, in with the Hill! Shaun Hill that is, taking the reins in San Francisco against Seattle. It was a good choice, too, even though they lost. The 49er's just needed a change.

Opportunity is a regular visitor at Mike Singletary's house. His third lucky chance came later in the game when tight end Vernon Davis got called for doing something stupid. He "slapped" a Seahawk in the helmet and got a personal foul.

Mike Singletary seized the day again, disciplining Davis with conviction. He took Davis out of the game and sent him straight to the locker room. How's that for a statement?

Singletary's "no tolerance" policy sent a shock-wave not just through the 49ers' organization, but through the NFL as a whole. The media has televised his "I want winners" speech all day.

Singletary made a splash on Sunday, and he has Vernon Davis to thank for it. I think the hardcore, old school Mike Singletary solidified his spot as head coach by tossing Davis from the game.