The Crapification Of Bleacher Report

Ctrl-Alt-DelCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2008

Bleacher Report has become the stomping ground of trolls such as MiamiMitchie.  It is being used not as a platform to display writing skills or to communicate worthy news, but rather as a trolling test ground for angry little midgets.

MiamiMitchie is on a crusade against Alabama because Coach Nick Saban left Miami and he feels that college football coaches aren't allowed to have more than one job in their lifetimes.

Posters such as this drive off respectable writers and posters and turns places like BleacherReport into fetid and rotten pits of insults.

This person has been given free reign to antagonize and insult 'Bama fans and his bias is enough to blind you from 10 miles away.  He is persistent and never stops and it is his goal to destroy the Alabama section of BleacherReport.

The reason for his hatred and thug like behavior is that Nick Saban once coached at Miami and now he coaches at Alabama.  He sits at his computer and rubs his greasy fingers in delight and anticipation at every piece of bait he puts out.

The latest rant that this mentally defective person is off on is that Alabama is fostering and encouraging criminal behavior among it's athletes. According to the troll, Coach Saban likes criminals and promotes coke dealing and all Alabama fans are complicit in this because we hired Coach Saban.

A clown such as this will never stop and will progressively get worse. BleacherReport is apparently okay with this behavior.

If this blog is to be used as a testing ground for stupidity and attacks that are completely unwarranted and immature, we can all run it into the ground. What is the purpose of that?