Maria Sharapova: 5 Reasons She Can Win Another Grand Slam at Wimbledon

Dimitri KayCorrespondent IJune 22, 2011

Maria Sharapova: 5 Reasons She Can Win Another Grand Slam at Wimbledon

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    Maria Sharapova’s first grand slam breakthrough was at Wimbledon when she was just 17 years old. Her opponent that time was none other than two-time defending champion Serena Williams.

    During the next four years the young Russian would go on to lift the US and Australian Open trophies, to take her grand slam tally to three.

    Since her Aussie Open victory in 2008, injuries have stalled her career and it is about time to get her career truly back on track with another Wimbledon trophy, at the place where it all started.

Maria's Power

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    Maria’s power game is overwhelming. As soon as the Russian gets control of the point, especially on her forehand, you know that most of the time it will end up being hers. She pushes her opponents all over the court and makes it very difficult for them to apply their game.

    Additionally the speed of the courts and the way that the ball skids on the lawns of the All England Club, make her flat shots as fast as bullets.

Maria's Accuracy

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    What’s great about Sharapova’s power is that it also comes with accuracy. When playing against the former Wimbledon champion, players have to go on court knowing that at different moments throughout the match they will be scurrying all over the court.

    Already this gives the Russian a slight mental advantage. Her opponents come on court knowing they have to take time away from her by hitting the ball earlier, and hitting it back for a possible winner. This game plan, however, is risky.

    With the pressure Maria places on her adversaries, it is not easy for them to play such cutthroat tennis for two or three sets.

Maria's Experience

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    Although it was a long time ago Sharapova has the experience of having won Wimbledon before, back in 2004.

    Even if her win was from the product of ‘youth’s age,’ it is certain that Maria has retained some of the knowledge she gained through that breakthrough win. It is also essential knowing that she can win again since she has done it before.

Being One of the Favourites

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    The three-time Grand Slam champ has been touted as one of the favourites to win this year’s Wimbledon. Sharapova managed the semifinals at Roland Garros, her least desired surface, which is a good indication of how well she has been playing the past couple of months.

    Furthermore, the Russian has been in five grass tournament finals in her career, winning three, another indication to how dangerous she can be on this surface.

Willingness and Confidence

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    During Maria’s semifinal run at the French Open, she showed the eagerness and motivation to win the only major left for her to complete her Career Grand Slam.

    Even when she was losing, Sharapava did not stop believing. Her fists were clenched and the blood was pumping through her veins. You could see the concentration and belief in what she was doing.

    In the back of her mind, Maria knows that she can win this tournament again and if she carries her French Open form and confidence to Wimbledon there is no reason for her not to take this tournament by storm.