WWE: 11 Pieces of Wrestling Memorabilia Every Legit Fan Needs to Have

Jon SainzAnalyst IIJuly 1, 2011

WWE: 11 Pieces of Wrestling Memorabilia Every Legit Fan Needs to Have

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    Any wrestling fan has some pieces of memorabilia, but only legit fans have a lot of those items.

    Here's a list of wrestling memorabilia you should have if you are a legit wrestling fan.

    If you have at least one item listed you're a casual wrestling fan.

    If you have all but the last three, you are a legit wrestling fan.

    If you have absolutely all of them, you are a hardcore fan.

    And if you have collections of all items, you work for a wrestling company (or know someone that does).

Video Game

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    OK, this one only counts for newer generations.

    Anyone who likes wrestling and video games should at least have one wrestling themed video game.

    He also should have a customized character with his own style, finisher, name, theme song and everything.


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    Doesn't necessarily have to be a DVD, you can get away with a VHS, Blue Ray or any other short of video.

    Every legit wrestling fan should have his favorite PPV in DVD so he can see it whenever he wants.

    Documentary PPVs are also OK (The rise + fall of ECW/WCW and the likes).


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    Doesn't matter if you read it or not, you must have one wrestling related book or a book that has nothing to do with wrestling but was written by a wrestler.

    Mick Foley has a bunch of them, Bischoff has one (picture) and some other guys also have one.

Action Figures

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    Other sports have cards, wrestling has action figures.

    You probably have a whole collection, but every fan should at least have one action figure.

    A ring is also good.


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    Replica Belt I mean, but if you managed to steal an original belt, congratulations, you are a huge wrestling fan (and a crazy one at that, but who cares?).

    One last thing about belts: Sorry Cena fans, the spinner doesn't count as a belt.


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    At least one item of clothing related to wrestling, be it hats, t-shirts, pants, underpants, or whatever else they sell.

    Also you must wear it outdoors, even if it's only when you go to wrestling shows.


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    Hanging on your bedroom wall there should be at least one wrestling related poster.

    It can be your favorite wrestler, PPV, or just a random poster, but there must be one.


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    "The guy behind me can't see," "Hello XY," "Jack (arrow pointing down)" and such don't count.

    It has to be original, wrestling related and if possible, funny.

Collector's Item

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    OK, now we start with the hardcore fans. Apart from a collection of all the items previously mentioned, this type of guys have three more items that not everybody has.

    First one is a limited edition collectible.

    Be it a WM chair, a item that is no longer produced or any other limited edition item, they have at least one of these.

Weird Item

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    Next one is a weird item.

    Something so obscure only few know it exists, even fewer have seen it and only a select few possess it.

    For those wondering, this is different from collectors items, because most of us know about collectors items but have never heard of this type of memorabilia.

Customized Item

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    A replica belt with your name on it could enough, but that just too common.

    This guys have their own masks and/or their own wrestling outfits and have no plans of becoming a wrestler any time soon.