WWE: My Capitol Punishment

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIJune 19, 2011

WWE: My Capitol Punishment

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    Welcome to My Capitol Punishment!

    Over the past month or so I have built up various storylines and angles for this PPV. Before we get started I will give you the card for the show.

    WWE Championship: John Cena (C) vs. Alberto Del Rio, 30min Ironman Match

    World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (If he can compete) (C) vs. Christian vs. Sheamus

    United States Championship: Kofi Kingston (C) vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler, Triple Threat Match

    Intercontinental Championship: Wade Barrett (C) vs. Ezekiel Jackson

    Divas Championship: Brie Bella (C) vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Nikki Bella vs. Beth Phoenix, Fatal 4-Way

    R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio Two-out-of-three falls

    The Miz vs. Alex Riley: Loser leaves Raw

    Chavo Guerrero and Cody Rhodes vs. Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan: Tag Team match

    Don't forget to include the matches you want to see on Raw. It is a special three-hour viewers-choice Raw.

    Now let's get to the PPV.


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    We open the show with a video package highlighting our two main feuds; John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton vs. Christian vs. Sheamus.

    We are also told that Randy Orton may not compete tonight, it will be a game-time decision.

    Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Josh Matthews are our commentary team. 

Match 1: United States Championship Triple Threat Match

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    Drew McIntyre is out first and he receives very nice heat in front of the D.C. crowd. We are shown a mini-promo where he describes himself as "The Great American Nightmare."

    Dolph Ziggler then makes his entrance to slightly better heat than Drew. Vicki is with him as usual.

    Finally, our champion Kofi Kingston makes his entrance. He receives a good pop and the crowd is ready to begin the show.

    The three men stare at each other as the match begins. Everyone is waiting for an opening but eventually Drew and Ziggler attack Kofi. The two heels pick on the fan favorite like a typical match. Drew and Ziggler throw Kingston out of the ring and then taunt the crowd. McIntyre walks behind Ziggler still taunting the crowd and then he hits Ziggler over the head.

    McIntyre continues his assault by stomping on Zigglers head and limbs. He then drags Ziggler over to the ring post and walks to the outside of the ring. McIntyre locks in his signature leglock on the ring post and Ziggler cries out in pain. McIntyre holds the move for a good 10 seconds until he decides to break the hold.

    McIntyre gets up but he does not see Kingston, who has climbed up onto the adjacent ring post. Kofi dives from the top rope and hits a cross body on McIntyre. Kingston then goes back into the ring and pulls Ziggler to the middle. Kofi sets up for his Boom Drop. He hits it and is already calling for the Trouble in Paradise.

    Ziggler slowly gets to his feet and Kofi goes for his move. Ziggler ducks and Kofi misses him. McIntyre then nails Kofi with a huge boot to the face and goes for the pin. Ziggler breaks it up after a one count.

    McIntyre and Ziggler trade blows. This time it is Ziggler who comes out on top. Ziggler hits a DDT on McIntyre and goes for the pin, he gets a two count. Ziggler then goes to the top rope to hit a float over a DDT on McIntyre. Ziggler comes off the top rope but McIntyre ducks out of the way and sends Ziggler right into Kingston's Trouble in Paradise.

    Kofi pins him but McIntyre breaks it up after a close two count. McIntyre then hits a neckbreaker on Kofi. Kofi gets back up and McIntyre hits a Northern Lights Suplex. The referee counts to two before Ziggler breaks it up. Ziggler then assaults Kofi and McIntyre, he is in complete control. Ziggler is setting up for his sleeper hold on Kofi. 

    Kofi gets up and Ziggler locks it in. Kofi is ready to tap out when McIntyre breaks it up and hits the future shock on Dolph Ziggler. The referee counts but Vicki pulls him out of the ring before he can count to three. McIntyre then goes after Vicki and he has her cornered. She is screaming for Dolph but he is too worried about Kofi to care about her.

    Ziggler sizes up Kingston and hits the Zig Zag. He pins Kofi but McIntyre breaks it up at the last second. The two trade punches and McIntyre hits a snap suplex on Ziggler. McIntyre gets up and walks right into a Trouble in Paradise. Kofi goes for the pin but just as he goes down Ziggler grabs him and hits the Zig Zag for the victory.

    Ziggler and Vicki celebrate while McIntyre storms off and Kofi lays in the ring.

Match 2: R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio (Two-out-of-Three Falls)

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    R-Truth comes out first and receives great heat.

    Rey Mysterio then comes out and Truth jumps on him before he gets in the ring. Truth throws Rey against the ring post and then into the ring. The referee rings the bell and the match officially begins.

    Truth goes for the pin and gets a two count. Truth then punches Rey over and over in the head. He is looking really crazy as the fans give him excellent heat. Truth picks Rey up and hits a big DDT. He goes for the pin and gets a close two count.

    Truth then waits for Mysterio to get to his feet and he hits a huge boot to his head. Truth pins him for the three count and his first fall.

    Truth still has that crazy look in his eye as Rey gets back to his feet. Truth charges him and hits him square in the forehead with his forearm. Rey cannot get any offense in as truth is all over him. Truth then sets up for a lie detector and hits it. He pins Rey and gets another pinfall. Truth wins with two pinfalls.

    Truth doesn't stop here as he continues to assault Rey. He grabs a chair and hits Rey's leg. Rey cries out in pain as Truth keeps the assault going until the referees come down and pull him off. Truth grins and runs backstage while Mysterio is lying in the ring.


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    Drew McIntyre is backstage and he is fuming about his loss. William Regal walks up beside him trying to comfort the man. McIntyre pushes him away and starts to walk off.

    Regal grabs his arm and asks him if he is tired of losing. McIntyre looks like he is going to hit Regal but Mason Ryan walks up beside him. Ryan tells McIntyre to listen to Regal's "oppurtunity."

    McIntyre is still upset but he listens to Regal as we head back to ringside for our next match.

Match 3: Divas Fatal 4-Way Match

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    Beth Phoenix is out first and she gets a good fan reaction.

    Kelly Kelly is next out and she gets her usual reaction.

    The Bella Twins come out together even though they are fighting against each other.

    The match begins with Kelly and Beth on one side and the Bella's on the other. Both sides charge the other one. It appears as though this match will be like a Tornado Tag match. Beth eventually throws Nikki into the corner while Brie takes control of Kelly.

    Beth throws Nikki out of the ring and Brie throws Kelly out. Beth and Brie engage in some back and forth action. Beth puts Brie in a headlock and eventually throws her to the ground. Beth is in control until Nikki runs in and the two double team Beth. Kelly Kelly returns and takes out Brie.

    Beth powerslams Nikki and goes for the pin but Kelly breaks it up. Now Beth and Kelly stare each other down until the Bella's take both of them out again. Brie hits her finisher on Kelly and goes for the pin but Nikki breaks it up.

    The Bella's start to argue and they eventually trade blows. Nikki throws Brie to the outside and turns around into the waiting Glamazon. Beth hits her finisher and pins Nikki for the victory. Beth is your new Divas Champion.

Match 4: Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett

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    Ezekiel Jackson makes his way to the ring with a nice pop. He is ready to win his first championship.

    Wade Barrett follows to nice heat and he is out there all alone. Jackson has a big smile on his face as the match is set to begin.

    The two lock up and show how even they are. Jackson overpowers Barrett but he throws him off. Barrett then punches Jackson but the big man only smiles and clotheslines Barrett. Jackson then picks up Barrett for the first of his many slams. He goes for his second slam but Barrett pokes him in the eye. Barrett runs off the ropes and hits a big clothesline. Barrett pins him but only gets a two count.

    Barrett gets up and taunts the crowd. Jackson gets back on his feet and decks Barrett with a big right hand. Jackson then sets up for his turnbuckle clothesline and hits the move. Barrett is down and Jackson is ready to lock in the Torture Rack but Barrett slithers out of the ring. Barrett looks at Jackson and walks off. He is going to give up so he can retain his title but Teddy Long comes out and declares that if Barrett gets counted out he will lose his title.

    The referee is already up to eight when Barrett starts to run to the ring. He gets in just before ten but he is met with a big boot from Ezekiel. Jackson then locks in the Torture Rack and Barrett submits. Ezekiel Jackson is you new Intercontinental Champion.

Match 5: Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan vs. Chavo Guerrero and Cody Rhodes

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    Chavo Guererro is out first to decent heat. Cody Rhodes follows with very nice heat.

    Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara come out together to a nice reaction and they sprint to the ring.

    The match begins with Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes facing off. Bryan locks Rhodes in an armbar right off the bat but Rhodes reaches the ropes and Bryan breaks the hold. Rhodes then tags in Chavo who calls for Sin Cara to get tagged in. Bryan agrees and he tags in Sin Cara.

    Chavo and Sin Cara exchange blows before Sin Cara hits a hurricanrana and sends Chavo into his corner. Rhodes goes to tag in but Chavo tells him no and continues to fight. Sin Cara goes for a crossbody off of the ropes but Chavo connects with a dropkick.

    Chavo then locks in a headlock on Sin Cara. The crowd gets behind him and he fights out of it. He kicks Chavo in the head and goes to tag in Bryan. Chavo screams something in Spanish to Sin Cara and he stops and turns to Chavo. He continues to talk in Spanish and eventually Sin Cara comes back to fight.

    Both Rhodes and Bryan are asking their partners what they are doing but the two seem focused. Chavo hits Sin Cara and then hits a snap suplex. Chavo then locks his wrists around Sin Cara and hits the Three Amigo's Suplex. Chavo goes to the top rope and sets up for his Frog Splash. Chavo points to the heavens and hits it. He pins Sin Cara for the three count.

    Sin Cara has lost his first match in the WWE! Rhodes and Bryan look on and feel a little awkward. Rhodes leaves the ring while Chavo stands over Sin Cara. He picks him up and they stare at each other. Chavo then extends his hand to shake Sin Cara's hand. Sin Cara shakes his hand and Chavo raises Sin Cara's arm.


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    Regal, Mason Ryan and McIntyre are finishing up their talk when Wade Barrett storms by. Regal tells him that he should of listened to his advice about Jackson. Barrett tells Regal that he does not need to listen to anybody but himself. Regal asks Barrett if he is happy that he lost his championship. Barrett replies with a "hell no" and Regal smiles.

    Regal tells Barrett if he has thought over his "oppurtunity" Barrett says that he has and he will take it. Regal laughs as McIntyre, Ryan and Barrett shake hands.

Match 6: World Heavyweight Championship Match Triple Threat

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    Sheamus is out first and he receives great heat. Christian follows (with my heel theme) and he receives a mixed reaction.

    Out next is Randy Orton who has been cleared to compete. The crowd goes crazy and the match begins.

    Orton, Sheamus and Christian stare each other down and the crowd starts to cheer. You can cut the tension with a knife. Sheamus makes the first moves and attacks Orton. Christian follows his lead and also attacks Orton. The two beat on him until Orton fights his way out. Orton uppercuts Sheamus and dropkicks Christian. Orton then DDTs Sheamus and the crowd gets behind him.

    Sheamus rolls to the outside and Orton follows him. Sheamus quickly turns around and throws Orton into the steel steps. Sheamus does his cross taunt until Christian hits him with a flying crossbody from the top rope. Christian then throws Orton back in the ring and begins to attack him. Christian hits a suplex and then goes to the top rope. Christian launches himself from the top rope for a missile dropkick but Orton moves out of the way.

    Orton sizes Christian up for a punt to the head but when he takes off Sheamus gives him the Brogue Kick out of nowhere. Sheamus pins Orton but Christian breaks it up at two. Now Sheamus and Christian trade blows. Sheamus gains the advantage and and puts Christian in the corner. He goes for a running clothesline and hits it. Christian stumbles out of the corner and Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Orton intercepts him with an RKO. Orton pins him but Christian breaks it up at two.

    Christian and Orton trade blows until Christian gains the upper hand. Christian hits a clothesline and then is getting ready to lock in the Killswitch. Orton comes out of the corner and Christian grabs him and locks it in but Orton pushes him off. Orton then goes for the RKO but Christian pushes him off. Sheamus comes out of nowhere again for a Brogue kick but Orton dodges it and Christian turns him in for the Killswitch. Christian gets up and Orton hits the RKO.

    Orton pins Christian for the victory.

Match 7: Alex Riley vs. the Miz (loser Leaves Raw)

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    The Miz is out first and he gets very nice heat.

    Alex Riley gets a good pop and the crowd is ready for this match up. This rivalry is coming to a head and one of these men will leave Raw.

    Riley has the crowd in the palm of his hand as the match begins. Riley and Miz lock up but Riley throws Miz off. Miz gets back up and they lock up again, this time Miz throws Riley off. Riley gets back up and punches Miz square in the jaw.

    Now the real fighting begins.

    Riley has the Miz in the corner and is "stomping a mud hole" in him. He picks the Miz up and slaps him in the face before the referee makes him back out of the corner. Riley taunts the Miz and he comes running at him and knocks him in the corner. Miz kicks him down until he is sitting at the turnbuckle. Miz sets up for his running boot and hits it. Miz taunts the crowd and goes for Riley.

    Miz hits a few nice moves on Riley before sending him into the turnbuckle yet again. Miz hits his big running clothesline and knocks down Riley.

    Miz picks Riley up and slaps him in the face. Miz then sets up for his finishing move but Riley counters it into a neckbreaker. Riley goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Riley waits for the Miz to get to his feet and he hits about three clotheslines before he signals for his finishing move. Riley hits it and pins the Miz for the victory. 

    The Miz will now be forced to leave Raw.

Match 8: WWE Championship Match (Ironman)

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    Alberto Del Rio is out first and he gets good heat.

    John Cena is out next and he gets a mixed reaction.

    The referee announces that this match will be contested under Ironman rules. Whoever has the most pinfalls at the end is your winner.

    The match starts off with some simple wrestling moves. Nothing eventful happens in the first minutes of the match. Both men are feeling each other out. Cena eventually takes the upper hand and sets up for his five knuckle shuffle. He hits it and is ready to hit the Attitude Adjustment.

    Del Rio gets up and Cena picks him up but Del Rio elbows Cena in the head and is let go. Del Rio then hits a bulldog on Cena. Del Rio pins him but only gets a two count.

    Del Rio then starts to work on Cena's arm. Del Rio works on Cena's arm for a good minute or two using various moves. Del Rio then locks in his finishing armbar. He holds it on for 30 seconds but Cena doesn't tap out. Del Rio gets angry and locks it in again. This time Cena passes out and the referee calls for the bell. Del Rio gets the first pin about halfway through the match. The referee checks to see if Cena can continue and he eventually wakes up.

    Del Rio celebrates his pin fall and taunts the crowd. Cena gets up and manages to get in some offense. Cena takes out Del Rio and gives him a boot to the face before hitting his second five knuckle shuffle. Cena sets up for the AA and hits it. He pins Del Rio and just like that it is tied at one pin fall each.

    There are about five minutes left in the match.

    Del Rio is angry and walks out of the ring. Cena follows him and Del Rio throws him into the steel steps. Del Rio then throws him into the ring post and the barricade. The referee counts to eight before Del Rio gets back in the ring. Cena cannot get back in the ring in time and he gets counted out. Del Rio scores another pin fall. Del Rio taunts the crowd some more until Cena storms the ring. Del Rio runs away to waste time. Cena catches him and throws him back in the ring. There is two minutes remaining in the match.

    Cena hits a bulldog before slapping on the STFU. Del Rio is in the middle of the ring but he crawls towards the ropes and gets a hand on them. Cena breaks the hold with a minute left. Cena is getting nervous when he picks up Del Rio. He goes for the AA but Del Rio counters it again.

    There are thirty seconds left in the match.

    Del Rio smiles and kicks Cena. He taunts the crowd yet again but when he turns around Cena hits him with the AA.

    There is seven seconds on the clock when Cena pins Del Rio. The referee counts to three and the match ends in a tie. Both men have scored two pinfalls.

    With the result of a tie Cena is STILL the WWE Champion.

    Del Rio argues with the referee while Cena walks around the ring celebrating with the fans.


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    This concludes My Capitol Punishment.

    What did you think of it?

    Leave your comments below.

    Also please leave any matches in the comment section that you would like to see on the Viewers Choice Raw. I will use your matches in my show.

    Thanks for reading.