Ferrari Threatens to Withdraw As Standardized Engines Loom

Alex CowleyCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2008

In a surprising statement of aggression against the FIA, Ferrari says it would reconsider their involvement in the sport institute standardized engines.

This statement came just hours after the FIA confirmed that the deadline for applications to supply standardized engines would be 7th November.

Ferrari, a staunch supporter of the FIA for many years, claimed that the standardization of engines goes against the raison d'etre of the sport which Ferrari has participated in since 1950.

"Whilst reiterating its wholehearted commitment to a substantial and needed reduction in costs in Formula 1, starting with propulsion, the Ferrari Board of Directors expressed strong concerns regarding plans to standardize engines."

"It felt that such a move would detract from the entire raison of a sport with which Ferrari has been involved continuously since 1950, a raison d'etre based principally on competition and technological development," (

This controversial stance came soon after Toyota issued the statement that they would pull out of F1 if standardized engines were made legal for the 2010-2012 F1 seasons. Instead, they would focus on one more Le Mans assault.

If the standardized engine rule is passed, F1 teams could build their own engines, but would have to adhere to the technical specifications of an engine provider, who could be possibly announced as early as November 28th.

The standardized engine rule is one of many proposals put forward by the FIA to help equalize a sport which is manufacturer dominated. However, should this proposal be put forward and Ferrari and Toyota carry out their threat, will F1 ever be the same again? Should standardization be allowed?