SEC 2011: Which Opposing Team's Player Would You Add to Your Team?

Gary BrownCorrespondent IIJune 17, 2011

SEC 2011: Which Opposing Team's Player Would You Add to Your Team?

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    You love your team and like any good fan, you really love the players who made the choice to be on your sideline every Saturday.   

    Put all that aside for right now and think hard about what you see when you glance across the field to the other sidelines. Who is the guy you covet in another uniform? Which SEC player from another school would you add to your roster given the opportunity?

    Would you go for a hot-shot QB even if you have a guy who has solid upside, but lacks experience? Are you going to look around and see where you have a particular position that needs upgrading to complete your team?

    Here is a look at an SEC player who would be of genuine value for each team from the SEC West. Think your head coach would want him as well?


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    After watching how South Carolina's Alshon Jeffery played in the Gamecocks' win over Bama, Nick Saban would probably love to have the wide receiver from South Carolina.

    The temptation was to grab a QB for the Tide, but AJ McCarron and Phillip Simms will be more than adequate to lead the Tide from under center. What would make the job much easier? A genuine go-to receiver like Jeffery for a young QB to throw to.  


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    The first decision is if a big tackle to protect Tyler Wilson is the best choice or is there a spot on defense that needs to be improved. 

    Expect the Razorbacks to put points on the board. The concern for Hog fans should be the ability of the defense to stop the pass consistently. Isaac Madison and Darius Winston are just not getting the job done at the corner positions. 

    For Arkansas to make a real step forward and be a favorite to win the West, adding LSU CB Morris Claiborne would be a step in the right direction.


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    Gus Malzahn will figure out a way to get points on the board. He may not have Cam Newton, but he will show how good a play-caller he is by still giving defensive coordinators fits even without the Heisman Trophy winner. Expect Michael Dyer to step his game up from the RB slot considerably.

    For Auburn to have a successful year, it will need a player to fill in for the the Tigers' real MVP from last season, Nick Fairley.  

    The guy to swap uniforms is currently wearing the garnet and black of South Carolina: Devin Taylor. Last year, Taylor led the Gamecock line in tackles and recorded 7.5 sacks—fourth-best in the SEC.


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    LSU has the talent to win the SEC and national title at every position but one: quarterback. Jordan Jefferson has been given every opportunity to get the job done, but has been the weak link on some really strong LSU teams. 

    The call on which player to add to the LSU roster is easy. Hello, Aaron Murray. Last year as a redshirt freshman, he tossed 24 touchdowns and only eight picks. 

    Murray is also a tough-nosed player who is not afraid of putting his head down to get a first down.

    If Murray was on the roster, you could start thinking about another national title for LSU.

Mississippi State

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    The temptation is to find an offensive tackle, but the offense will be alright this season with the most significant loss being Derek Sherrod from the line. Experience at linebacker will be the key for the Bulldogs and the guy they need is in Tuscaloosa right now.

    Dan Mullen will be replacing Chris White, K.J. Wright and Emmanuel Gattling from the linebacker unit from last season—three pretty good players.

    Dont'a Hightower is the best linebacker in the conference today, and beyond his skill he is also widely recognized as a genuine leader. It could not be better than to pick up talent that is NFL-ready right now and a leader at the same time.

Ole Miss

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    One player cannot solve Houston Nutt's problems at Ole Miss. The Rebels need help at almost every position. The challenge is trying to decide where one player can possibly make the most difference. 

    So first, a decision has to be made if the rebuilding starts with offense or defense. Given that the Rebel pass defense was REALLY bad, it is best to start on that side of the ball in the secondary.

    Alabama's Mark Barron is the player to put in an Ole Miss uniform. Barron is a ball-hawking safety and will make that unit better with just his presence. Too bad it will not be enough to really make a difference for Nutt as his seat starts to heat up in Oxford. 

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