12 Real-Life "Heel Turns" in Sports History

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12 Real-Life

In pro wrestling, the in-ring performers are usually assigned one of two characteristics: “Face,” or the good guy who represents the noble and honorable virtues of sport, or “Heel,” the guy who represents the compromises of those qualities.

When a character is deemed to be stale, creative powers-that-be will orchestrate a “turn,” changing the character from one side to the other.

But in real non-scripted sports, we’ve seen the equivalent. Athletes and teams who represent one side of the moral spectrum will suddenly or gradually “turn” from one side to the other. Loved by fans, they will fall from grace and suddenly find themselves the target of scorn, ridicule and—worst of all—a lack of endorsement deals.

Here’s a list of 10 of what I think are some of the great “heel turns” in sports; of those who were once loved by fans everywhere and then found themselves loathed.

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