NBA Preseason Predictions

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NBA Preseason Predictions

I know it's always tough to predict what is going to happen in a season before it even starts, but I am going to anyways.  Each year, unexpected injuries and trades come that can ruin your picks, but that is not going to stop me.  I feel very confident on how I think this season is going to play out.

Comeback Player of the Year: Dwyane Wade

The reason why is simple; he's back!  After watching the Olympics, I was getting flashbacks of him in the Finals against the Mavericks.  The way he was slicing and dicing, shooting, passing, and driving to the hole was awesome!  D-Wade has put those season ending injuries in the past and he is locked and loaded for this year! Watch the Heat to be a sleeper team by making a run in the playoffs.  I know you all might laugh now, but they got more then just Wade and I'll be getting to that next.


Rookie of the Year: Michael Beasley.

I know, another player from the Heat getting an award!  Even though I am a huge O.J. Mayo fan, I believe Michael Beasley will win R.O.T.Y.  The reason why is because he is a beast!  He has been physically ready for the NBA since he was in middle school!  He's got strength, hops, speed, shot, etc.  The reason why he sticks out to me to win this award is because he has a good supporting cast around him to make him play better and to his full potential.  Those two players especially being Dwyane Wade and Shawn Marion.  Watch for "Beastley" to be an all around player for the Heat by getting the boards, points, and steals!


Defensive Player of the Year: Ron Artest

He has won this award before and I believe he will win it again this season! Artest has really been looking forward to playing with Tracy McGrady, Yao Ming, and Shane Battier.  They have a solid team and Artest will be a great defensive stopper.  Ron will help out his stacked team as much as possible, mainly with defense!  That is why they got him, and that is what he will do. Play defense!  Now we all know he has had some problems with his temper in the past, but none of that will be an issue this year.  He is in it to win this thing and he believes this team has a chance. He will play hard and be a tough player, but I believe he will watch himself and mature a little bit more this season.  Watch for Artest to have another stellar defensive season.

Now the fun part: MVP

MVP: Kobe Bryant

Kobe will repeat as the Most Valuable Player in the NBA in the 08/09 season.  I mean come on, Steve Nash repeated! Why can't Kobe?  First off, he is the best player in the league and on the best team.  Also, he is playing in the very competitive Western Conference.  I believe the Lakers will receive the highest seed going into the playoffs and Kobe's stats will be very similar to last season, if not better. 

He is a year older this year, but a decade wiser.  He thrives under pressure, preservers when times get tough, holds his team together, and is an overall leader. That is why he will win MVP once again.  He makes all of the players around him better, and continues to get better himself each and every day.  Watch out for Kobe this season.  I am predicting this season to be Kobe's best season of his career. 

Last year's Finals, if anything, was good for Kobe, because it is more fuel to his fire.  One thing you're not supposed to do is make Kobe mad! Or he will simply go off! I'm sure that quote from Ray Allen at the ESPY's is ringing in Kobe's head all season, "Another win in L.A."   He will get his NBA title without Shaq and it will mark another great chapter in his life.


NBA Finals: Lakers vs. Celtics

Yes, a rematch.  This time the tables get turned and the Lakers will get home court. They will go on to win this series in six games.  Kobe Bryant wills his way to that trophy and ring and will receive his first Finals M.V.P.

Congrats to the Lakers. Come June, you will have a parade.


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