Ring of Honor Announces That Gabe Sapolsky's Replacement Will Be ...

Tim ListAnalyst IOctober 27, 2008

Adam Pearce, the former NWA Champion.

This appears to be either a last ditch effort by ROH Owner Cary Silken to stop the enormous money losses suffered under Gabe Sapolsky or a booking coup engineered by Pearce.

Pearce is known as an old school heel, and recently dropped the NWA Title in Mexico so that he can move to Philadelphia on November 1st to take over the booking chores for the niche promotion.

Silken has lost a money on the company's decision to move to pay per view, and believes that television is necessary for the company's survival. Sapolsky, infamous for his fits and locker room temper tantrums, was said to be unwilling to bend on his stance that television was bad for the company.

Sapolsky, who learned at the feet of the best booker of this generation, Original ECW's Paul Heyman, was not asked to stay with the company in any diminished role.